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Archive for July, 2004

QotD: Breakfast

Question: What did you have for breakfast? My Answer: One of my favorite breakfast foods, and a great way to start the day. You start by boiling apple juice in a pan or pot. Boil about 1/3 the volume of the amount you'd like to make, or boil 1/2 down to about 1/3. When it […]

QotD: Worst Movie

Question: What's the worst movie you've ever actually watched because a significant other wanted you to see it? My Answer: All I have to say is "Could The English Patient be any more boring than it is?" You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your […]

Gmail Invitations

I've still got a few Gmail invitations. To give them away, we'll have a simple contest: tell me your favorite post here on NSLog(); (and be serious) and "win" a Gmail invitation. I have two now, but I imagine I'll be restocked after they're gone. I'll send invitations in order of comment entry. If you […]

Email Links

The chevrons (») seen in the titles on the main and individual pages here now function as "email a friend this article" links. Click them and you'll see what I mean. Here's the very simple code. The trickiest part was the "%0D" for carriage returns. <a href="mailto:?subject=<?=str_replace(" ", "%20", "<MTEntryTitle>");?> &amp;body=Hi,%0D%0DI%20thought%20you%20might%20find%20this%20interesting!%0D%0D &lt;<MTEntryPermalink>&gt;%0D%0D" title="Email <MTEntryTitle> to […]

Ammunition Comparison

Here is a picture that may shock you (and not because of the glass of straight up amaretto in the background): What you see here are three bullets (and their casings). From the right, we have a CCI .22 LR Mini-Mag, used in my Ruger Mark II semiautomatic handgun with an UltraDot red dot scope. […]

QotD: Browser

Question: What is your preferred browser's favorite feature? My Answer: It's easily the auto-fill capabilities, powered by Keychain. Very, very useful - saves me ten minutes or so each and every day. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Back to Erie

On July 21, I'll be heading back to Erie for a few days. Originally scheduled to return on the 27th, Expedia (grrrr) screwed up the booking. I'll now return on the 29th at, ugh, 6am or so. The purpose of my trip back? Five letters: C-A-R-E-Y. Yes, things are going swimmingly! I'm in love, Carey […]

Apple Blogs

Steve Rubel wonders why there aren't more Apple bloggers. It's a fairly deep question, and one with which I am uniquely familiar having been almost fired for penning this post at 8:04am when the official announcement didn't come until 11am or so. Never mind that the store had been announced in Billboard, the LA Times, […]

Entourage is Flaky

Today I had to rebuild (or repair) my Entourage 2004 database for the fifth time after warnings came up while I performed a search. Each time I rebuild/repair my database, the categories (and thus colored labels) I've assigned to my folders disappear. Some random emails appeared or re-appeared after the rebuild as well, some as […]

QotD: All-Star Game

Question: Should the winning league of the All-Star game get home field advantage for the World Series? My Answer: I say yeah, give those boys a little more to play for. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

iPhoto is Broken

Create a smart album in iPhoto 4.0.1 Make the criteria "Title contains abcxyz123" (or some other such nonsense, including a valid title) Observe that iPhoto lists every damn photo in the "smart" album. Seems to work fine for some people, though.

Simple Design

Completely having failed to find any inspirational shooting range websites (or bowling alley sites, which I figured would be similar in content and presentation), I've struck out on my own and created a pair of mockups for the Palm Beach Shooting Center. A plain text Web site would be better than their existing one, so, […]

Who Pays for Your News?

I was going to say something clever about this, but I think the image below says it all for me. Soon as I see Quality News, I'll pay for it. Until then…

QotD: Terrorist Elections

Question: If polls showed Bush and Kerry dead even, and terrorists threatened to disrupt the elections, who do you think would win? My Answer: I think that Republicans tend to have a bit more of a "stick it to them" attitude and would thus not be as easily scared away from the polling stations. Of […]

TrackBack This Entry

Josh says that my TrackBacks aren't working. I recently updated the blog to MT 3.0.1D, and if TrackBacks aren't working, well that's just disappointing. I'm also using MT-Blacklist, so, perhaps the issue is a compounding one. Please attempt to TrackBack this article (feel free to TrackBack asking or ruminating about MT-Blacklist if you'd like) so […]