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Archive for August, 2004

PulpFiction (and PulpFiction) lite have advanced another minor version. They're now both at 1.0.2. You can grab them here. The changelog is rather significant. The highlights include: Added French and German localizations. Subscriptions diplayed in alphabetical order in the menus. Subscriptions can be added with no windows open. Preview pane and web browser respond to […]

New BBEdit Icon

Grab one here. The one Bare Bones has "chosen" to use with BBEdit 8.0 is just plain rank. Uggggh. :: shudder ::

QotD: iMac G5

Question: What do you think of the new iMac G5? My Answer: I don't like how they look. I don't like vertically-mounted CDs. I think they look rather ridiculous. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Text Editor

Question: What is your favorite text editor? My Answer: Does the previous post answer this? BBEdit. Oh, and on the command line, I use the entirely-too-simple pico. vi or emacs? That's what BBEdit is for! 🙂 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

BBEdit 8

BBEdit 8 is now available. I'll amend this post later with thoughts. The multi-document-in-one-window idea looks good, though. What's new? Text Factories look good - but I'll have to get into them. I work on so many different kinds of files that I don't frequently find use for the glossary and some other things, but […]

I've got a remote control helicopter for sale. It's the same one I wrote about here: Raptor 30 v2 (49 Ball Bearings) Kit w/ OS.32 SX-H Motor and Muffler $399.99 ProPod Training Gear 59.99 Sportsman Flight Set 299.99 Crash Kit 59.99 Futaba 9C PCM Radio w/servos 519.99 Futaba 401 Gyro Kit w/servo 189.99 KSG Balance […]

Golf Blog – Writers Wanted

I'm interested in starting up a golf blog. The only existing (from what I can tell) one has no RSS feed, is rarely updated, and sees very little traffic (based on the comments). I've inquired with the owners and authors if they might like to do more, and I can await a response for only […]

QotD: Selection

Question: What is your system's highlight color? (System Preferences -> Appearance -> Highlight Color on Mac OS X) My Answer: Mine is currently green, having been orange for quite awhile. I grow tired of blue fairly readily - Mac OS X is very blue, after all, and it's easy to lose the selection amongst the […]

How I Score My Golf

When I golf, I always keep my own scorecard. I keep track of more than just the score, though, by documenting every shot so that I can later translate the results into a cohesive whole. This guides my practice, my focus, my swing thoughts, and course management in later rounds. Pars result from one good […]

WinFS Taken to Slaughter Shed

Microsoft to Gut Longhorn to Make 2006 Delivery Date precedes WinFS Axed From Longhorn Client and Server. The end result? Longhorn is going to be a lot more of an evolutionary than a revolutionary Windows release. The end result? Even more time for Mac OS X to beat Windows to the punch. 2006? That's a […]


<rant>I have never been late for work. I've never been late for school. The times I've forgotten or been late for an event I planned with a friend - avoidably or otherwise - can be counted on the fingers of two pairs of hands. Perhaps it's for exactly those reasons that the unreliability of others […]

Three days remain in the PulpFiction drive for the EFF. You can read all of the details here, but the summary goes as follows: donate $50 or more and your blog will be included as a default subscription in PulpFiction for at least six months. We expect to release PulpFiction 1.0.2 within a week, and […]

QotD: Embarrassed

Question: Should the US basketball team be embarrassed? My Answer: Basketball is a team sport, and like other team sports, chemistry is underrated. If anything, this year's Olympics taught us this. However, that doesn't answer the question. Yeah, they should be embarrassed. Not because they lost, but because they talked so much smack and then […]

QotD: Military Experience

Question: Do you believe that military experience is a necessity for POTUS? My Answer: No. I think, very much so, that it depends on the person. I also think, depending on the person, that military experience could be a negative. I can imagine a situation in which a President, for no other reason than having […]

QotD: Innovation

Question: Where do you want to see the next innovation in computing, big or small? My Answer: I want to see hard disks that are 10x faster than they are today. Hard drives are by far the biggest bottleneck we see today. After that, I'd like to see everyone's Internet connection become 10x faster. You […]