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Archive for August, 2004

Kerry Campaign Posters

Hey, to save you all the trouble of posting on my blog with the same old crap I've been hearing for the past five or six months, I've created some campaign posters for you all.

Register to Vote

So sayeth Florida's laws: Dates Registration Closes for 2004 Election Presidential Preference Primary......... February 9, 2004 Primary Election .............................. August 2, 2004 General Election .............................. October 4, 2004 I have mailed my registration in to vote in the general election. For Bush. 🙂

Early Computer Memories

My early computer memories could fill a book, but reminded me of a few that surface only rarely. I'm listing them here for myself so that they may serve as a stronghold against the rising tide of forgotten memories. In no particular order…

QotD: High School

Question: If you could go back to high school to relive one event exactly as it happened, what would you pick? My Answer: My senior year I shot an 88 in the first round of district qualifying for the state golf tournament. Earlier that summer I'd won the Erie County junior golf championship (in the […]

Freaky Dog

No comment.

QotD: Cell Phone

Question: Which do you use more: your cell phone or your land phone? Do you even have both? My Answer: I use both equally, though when I move to PA I may simply drop the land line idea or go with just a local land line. Those only run about $25/month, right? Of course, I'll […]


Oh how I suck at golf these days. It will not take me long to get back into it, but needless to say I'd have shot about a 90 today if I played the full 18 holes. I had a lovely shank, I popped up a drive, and most of the rest of my shots […]

QotD: Group

Question: If you were to be invited to join one current musical group, which group would you join and what instrument would you play? My Answer: I'd join R.E.M., and I'd play the trumpet because that's all I really know how to play (the piano and the kazoo probably don't count). You are encouraged to […]

National Treasure

My sister pointed me towards a new movie called National Treasure. It looks rather interesting. I've always been a big fan of this type of movie, regardless of the facts in which it may or may not be based. I read The DaVinci Code and a few of Dan Brown's other books, and I used […]