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Archive for August, 2004

Golf at Emerald Dunes

Today I played at Emerald Dunes, a widely revered course that features an American linksy design (by Tom Fazio). Rated as one of the "Top 100 You Can Play" in the US by Golf Magazine, I played after 2pm during the summer for $40. The course features a "SuperDune" on which you'll find three tees, […]

Will Tiger Woods lose his #1 ranking in the world? The margin is slim: 11.93 to Singh's 11.83 and Els' 11.38. It's quite possible that after the WGC NEC Invitational, Tiger could be second or even third. Vijay Singh will be ranked higher than Tiger if he finishes ahead of Woods in the NEC or […]

QotD: Michelle Wie

Question: What do you think of Michelle Wie? My Answer: She's won very little. She's over-hyped. She's 14. 2-up going to the sixteenth hole at the recent US Women's Amateur (played at one of my local courses), she said: I knew she was going to come back… I left myself in a really hard position. […]

I've now set up a DropCash account for the PulpFiction for the EFF drive. Today is August 19, which means that you've got about 11 days to donate $50 to the EFF and to get your blog's feed listed in PulpFiction's default subscriptions. As the page says: For any donation of $50 or more, your […]

Help a PC Guy

I got this email from someone recently. If you can lend a hand, by all means, leave a comment and help the guy. He's most likely using a PC, so, keep that in mind: Tell me what you think of this idea. I was recently looking for one central place to manage my whole life. […]

Breaking a Lease

My lease (an apartment here in south Florida) is up at the end of May, 2005. However, it looks as though I'm moving back to Pennsylvania as early as October or November of this year. What advice does anyone have for getting out of the lease as quickly and painlessly ($$$) as possible? Finding someone […]

QotD: Self Defense

Question: If you believed your life to be in danger, would you act in self defense, even if doing so meant harming the attacker? (For those not living in the US, please note the legal policy on this issue.) My Answer: You bet your behind I do. Someone threatening my health has lost the right […]

Not So Great Britain?

According to this story from the Belfast Telegraph, a man who stabbed an intruder/burglar in self defense may be prosecuted for assault. I'm glad to know that, in the United States, self defense is a right (and a law).

QotD: Real-ly?

Question: What do you think of Real? My Answer: I don't particularly care for Real. I've always found them to be annoying, and I don't know anyone that uses the store… so I don't really care whether I can play songs on my iPod or not. iTunes is the best player and the best store, […]


Today I'm releasing the source code to a simple, goofy little app that we've used internally several times to make decisions when more than two criteria are involved. It's very easy to compare two things and decide which is better, and this process of decision-making is very much like a round-robin tournament wherein each team […]

Delray Beach Golf Club

I took some time today to play the closest thing to "my home track" as I could consider (I've played it five times, instead of the one time I've played other courses), Delray Beach Golf Club. I struck the ball solidly most of the day but had a lame day putting and a lamer day […]

EFF Donation Drive

Just two weeks left - fourteen days - in the donation drive for the EFF. Donating $50 or more places your blog in PulpFiction's list of default feeds. The last person to donate was Jeremy Meyers of SDC Blog. Thanks to him and those who have contributed previously. When donating, please provide all the details, […]

So, Hal Sutton chose Jay Haas and Stewart Cink. They finished 37th and 17th, respectively, in the PGA Championship. Stewart Cink I'm not too happy about, but I can't think of anyone I could justify using before him. He's a lowly 52nd in driving distance but 152nd in accuracy. If you want to put pressure […]

I must have really misunderstood the relationship between the United States of America and Puerto Rico. How in the heck can they have their own Olympic team? Aren't they a territory of the United States? Shouldn't they be competing for the US team? Their independence day is July 4, 1776 (gee, that's the same as […]

QotD: Olympics

Question: Do you care about the Olympics? My Answer: Not really. 😛 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.