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Archive for August, 2004

QotD: Sport

Question: What's your favorite sport? My Answer: Golf, followed thereafter by hockey and soccer. I don't really consider fishing and hunting to be sports in the same fashion, nor target shooting. They'd follow golf, hockey, and soccer anyway. And probably baseball, bowling, football, and a few others. You are encouraged to answer the Question of […]

QotD: Natural Disaster

Question: Have you ever lived through a natural disaster? My Answer: No. Since moving to FL we've seen very few hurricanes (and Charley is on the other coast), and where I live in PA sometimes sees huge snowfalls, but that's about it - no hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes really. I'm pretty fortunate. You are encouraged […]

Just a quick reminder: the donation drive for the EFF has 17 days left. A $50 donation to the EFF provides your personal blog a whole lot of publicity. The donation drive ends August 30.

Today I played eighteen at the Wellington Golf and Country Club. It was my first day with the 983K, and I was eager to let it flex its muscles. More importantly, I wanted to continue to shore up my game. I've been striking the ball well, but scattering shots left, right, short, long… that needed […]

QotD: OmniWeb 5.0

Question: Did you buy OmniWeb 5.0? If not, will you? My Answer: I did. I upgraded an educational license for $9.95. If I had to pay the $29.95, I don't think that I would have. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Weird Hobbies

Question: What is one of your more unusual hobbies? My Answer: I collect golf balls with logos on them. I have about 300 - a tiny, tiny collection - golf balls with logos on them. The logos are of different golf courses, companies, and events. I reject dirty balls and balls that aren't white (like […]

Sex Ed

I'm a big fan in trusting in the intelligence and capabilities of our youth. My quick visit to Europe in 1996 showed me that young people could be trusted to handle things in a responsible, mature fashion. Their drinking age is twelve or so, and yet they have very few problems with alcohol. They talk […]

With PulpFiction's popularity growing, we thought we'd take the opportunity to do some good for the world by donating to charity. With a 1.0.2 release planned in the next two weeks (a bug fix update only - 1.0.3 will resume with the adding of some cool new features), we will begin a donation drive to […]

What If?

What if this happened? Fortunately, Jeff has the answer.


Question: Who will win this year's PGA Championship? My Answer: Tiger Woods' game has been fixing itself up lately, and I'm going to choose the #1 player in the world for the past, oh, five or six years as the favorite. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the […]

QotD: Money

Question: What's the most money you've ever found? My Answer: I've found a few $20 bills in my day, but nothing larger. I consider found money to be a gift, and so I make a rule of spending it taking a friend to dinner, buying them a small gift, or something like that. Of course, […]

I've got my tickets to see R.E.M. in Duquesne University's A.J. Palumbo Center on November 7. Yes, apparently this means I'll be going to PA in early November as well as mid-September, but the timing works out well: I might be moving back later that month, it's a month and a half after the last […]

Khoi Vinh has posted a lovely stylesheet for PulpFiction at his site, Khoi didn't submit it to the PulpFiction Resources page, perhaps largely because he wishes to maintain control over its improvements, but I wanted to point y'all there as it's a lovely stylesheet that looks much like his own (quite lovely) site.

Cingular Recalls Some v600s

I called Cingular to ask about their v600 recall and was told that it would be very obvious if my v600 needed repaired: I'd have 0 signal 95% of the time, I'd drop just about every call, and so on. My phone works beautifully (except that Romeo doesn't work with it).

The Links at Madison Green

I was bored today and didn't feel like going shooting, so I headed out to The Links at Madison Green for a quick 18 holes of golf. The site intrigued me - none of the others in Palm Beach County were nearly as good - and the course looked interesting - a hilly, narrow, watery, […]