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Archive for March, 2005

The 14th at Tobacco Road

This 160-yard par 3 plays downhill and usually with a left-to-right wind. I took the ball at the right edge of the left bunker with a 7-iron and let the wind push it back. It hit long, but sucked back down the ridge to about 15 feet. I two-putted for an easy par.

QotD: Sin

Question: If you could replace one of the seven deadly sins with one of your own, which would you replace and with what? My Answer: I'd replace lust - it seems to be the most harmless, and it's also vague. I don't see much terribly wrong with lusting after the person you're with - it's […]

I've finally completed a project that's been about two months in the making: Build Your Own Putting Green (Cheaply!) details the relatively simple steps to build a low-cost indoor putting green measuring 8' x 8'. Now comes the fun part: hooking up a computer to analyze my putting stroke. OK, I'm kidding. But the project […]

In about two to three weeks I expect to have a Canon Digital Rebel XT. I'll open the box. I'll skim the manual. And then I'll take lots of bad photos. But they'll slowly improve. I'll keep them in iPhoto and Lightbox. What I'd like is an easy way to publish my photos. High-resolution JPEGs, […]

QotD: Oscar

Question: What was the last Oscar-winning movie you saw? My Answer: Did Caddyshack win any Oscars? 😀 It would have to be Titanic, even though I haven't seen it in a year and a half. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Back from North Carolina

Well, I'm back from North Carolina. My trip featured, among other things: Nearly three full days with someone who's made my top-five list of "most annoying, clueless people in the world." The guy's a piece of work, and I could go on for hours. But I shall not. Five hours or so spent in the […]