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Archive for March, 2005

QotD: Taxes

Question: No income tax, 23% sales tax on all purchases. Love it or leave it? My Answer: Sounds like an idea that should be explored but is also an idea that, undoubtedly, has some pretty serious holes. But, as a general rule, I'd pay 20% more for everything if I didn't have to worry about […]

A Freshly Squeezed Software customer sent me an email inquiring as to whether we could do something. I'm not sure it's possible, but I did tell him I'd inquire with the world at large by posting here on my blog: Inquiry: I would like a badge (at least half-dollar size) to float (in a corner?) […]

iCal’s Stupid Alarms

I have an iCal alarm for "Pay Rent" on the last day of every month. My April notice (March 31) just came up. I'm about to go to bed (to read, actually) as it's midnight now. Where the heck is the option "Remind me later…" or "Remind me in 12 hours" or "Remind me in […]

I had no problem with the intent of the original plan: to out a plagiarist, to scare her a little, to get her in trouble. She did a bad thing. I do have a problem with the outcome. By publicly posting a gal's name and university, "A Week of Kindness" member Nate Kushner took on […]

QotD: Database

Question: What's your favorite database? My Answer: A loaded question, I admit. MySQL, SQLite, PosgreSQL, even FileMaker all have their niches. Answer however you'd like, make fun of other databases - whatever you want. But at least answer the question. 🙂 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the […]


Question: When - aside from this post - was the last time you heard anything about AIDS? My Answer: It's been at least three months. HIV and AIDS seems to have completely vanished from the public consciousness. Every once in awhile - like today - someone will mention Michael Jordan or Larry Bird and I'll […]

Black and White

A few quick links for my own purposes on creating good digital B&W images: Excellent B&W conversion B&W Conversion Santorini in black & white So there's that. The first primarily summarizes and links to the second and third.

New Glasses

I'm looking into getting some new glasses. My current set - a pair of Esprit rimless glasses - are constantly "coming apart." You see, the nose bridge that is secured to the glasses with a threaded post and a nut on the other side. The nut is constantly coming loose (the nut is loose, the […]

QotD: Most Often Tune

Question: Which "iTune" have you listened to most? My Answer: I've listened to "Up!" by Shania Twain and from the album "Up! (Red Disc)" (2002) 36 times. The next closest song comes in at 23 plays. I last listened to "Up!" (if you don't count that I'm playing it right now) on Tuesday, January 25, […]

Photoshop CS 2 in April?

It would seem so: Photoshop CS 2 is due in April. I'm not so happy about that - Photoshop CS isn't that old, and Adobe seems to love to get people in that upgrade cycle. Heck, I'm still waiting for Adobe's Camera RAW to support the RAW files from my Rebel XT. We shall see… […]

QotD: Easter

Question: Do you celebrate Easter? My Answer: I don't celebrate the religious aspects, but I try to celebrate the theme: rebirth. My life has undergone a lot of rebirth lately - rebirth of a passion I'd forgotten about for a few years (golf), rebirth of a relationship I long since thought was over (with Carey), […]

QotD: Moving

Question: When's the last time you had to help someone move? My Answer: Today, if you can count it. Otherwise, the last time was when I moved back to PA in October. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Adium’s “Away” Messaging

Adium can queue messages for people who aren't online. In other words, if I want to tell Bob "yo, Bob, don't forget about next Tuesday" and Bob isn't on AIM, I can still send him a message. Adium queues it up, and when Bob next signs on, the message is immediately sent to him. Adium […]

Mario Kart DS ONLINE!

Woohoo!!! I say again, woohoo!!!

Why couldn't they make a non-diet version? I don't drink brown colas anymore (and I'm trying to limit my intake of Sprite/7-Up), but I may drink one now and then if they had a non-diet version.