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Archive for March, 2005

Lens ‘mm’ and Zoom

My Rebel XT has a 1.6 crop factor, which basically means that - in 35mm terms - a 135mm lens is the equivalent to a 216mm lens on a full-frame camera. This much I understand - simple math. What I'm not so sure about is "zoom" factors. I realize that "zoom factors" are not the […]

Janie Porche Sings and Blogs

She sings, too! And has a blog. And vacations somewhere warm and sunny. So, uhh, there you have it! Conclusive proof that… okay, so I'm bored. But there you go.

Rounded CSS Corners

Rounded CSS corners without rounded images? Yep!

iPhoto's "Enhance" just plain sucks. So much so, I'm not sure why it's even there - a great stage demo, perhaps? I realize it's intended to be a one-click solution for those who don't know enough to adjust things manually, but it doesn't even seem to be good at that. It destroys pictures more than […]

Quick Camera Notes

ISO - Determines amount of grain or "digital noise." The higher the ISO, the more grain you'll see, especially in shadows. In bright light, ISO 100 works fine. In low light, higher ISO gets you reasonable shutter speeds and DOF. For sports, high ISO "freezes" action. As a general rule, use the lowest setting possible […]

QotD: Birthday

Question: Which birthday was your favorite? Why? My Answer: The one I'll have in a few days. I'm with Carey, and I've never been quite as happy as I am now. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Per-Day Calendars

Question: What's your favorite "______-a-day" calendar? My Answer: I'd like a word-a-day calendar, but I get those delivered via email. I used to get Dilbert calendars, but I see those in PulpFiction every day. Carey got me a "Golf Hole a Day" calendar, and it's my current favorite. There are a lot of these kinds […]

Reese’s Pieces

I spilled some Reese's Pieces on my desk today and, remembering what I'd read about f-stops and depth of field, I set about trying different shots with different shutter speeds. I set my Rebel XT to "Tv" mode, or "shutter priority" mode, put the camera on a tripod, and took different pictures. I could have […]

Digital SLR Assignments

I'm slowly learning more and more about my new digital SLR. One of the things I'd like to try is to put together a list of "assignments" that I could do (and perhaps share with folks here on the blog). By "assignment" I mean something like: "night shot at ISO 1600" and the corrolary, "night […]

QotD: Scientific Unknowns

Question: Which scientific unknown would you most like to see solved? Why? My Answer: This one's easy. Cold fusion. Goodbye $100 electric bill and reliance on oil, hello personal nuclear reactor. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Punch a Wall

Question: Have you ever punched a wall? My Answer: Only the padded ones in gyms, and only very gently. I get upset sometimes, but my anger manifests itself in verbal outbursts, and even then they're usually under my breath (particularly when playing golf or in the company of others). This question comes about because I […]


I've never met a more intelligent (or mischievous) two year old. The kid's a handful. She's going to make some guy very, very scared someday. 😀

Need a Tripod

Everyone who has commented on here about my new digital camera (the Digital Rebel XT) in previous posts has been quite helpful, so I'm going to ask another question: what's a good tripod? I've got a cheapie Kodak one now. It's got twisty legs and it's heavier than it should be. So, what I'm looking […]

QotD: Fonts

Question: Which of Microsoft's six new fonts do you like the most? Why? My Answer: Like Todd, I like Corbel and Calibri. I think they'd make excellent text for websites (like The Sand Trap, which currently uses Trebuchet MS), if Microsoft sees fit to release them in a way that guarantees at least 50% of […]

Stuck CDs in your Mac

You'd be amazed how frequently people got CDs stuck in their computer, and as ForeverGeek suggests, eject cd in open firmware is the easiest way to get a disc out of your Mac. Never, ever did I as a Mac Genius have to use drutil tray eject or use a paper clip. The mouse trick […]