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Archive for March, 2005

QotD: Digital Prints

Question: If you print your digital photos, where do you get them printed? My Answer: Wal-Mart recently dropped their price to $.19/print, but I'm not sure where I'll go to get 8x10s and 5x7s and things. A local photo store? iPhoto? I don't know… The only prints I've ever had done I ordered through iPhoto. […]

Comments and the Law

I had someone - a lawyer, no less - insist to me today that posting comments on a blog using someone else's name and email address is illegal, a "federal fucking crime" in his words. At the bottom of this entry, you'll see a space for adding a comment. If you don't sign in via […]


Question: For those with digital cameras, do you shoot in RAW? My Answer: I would do RAW+JPEG, but the XT's ".CR2" files are currently unreadable by Lightbox, iPhoto, and Photoshop. So for now, it's JPEG only. Harumph. 🙁 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on […]

Perfume Ads… by Men?

I've watched more commercials lately. Ever since that episode on The Apprentice where they made a cucumber porn to advertise some body lotion. Driving home from the social security office today, I tried to think of a commercial for perfume that didn't feature women. J.Lo has her own perfume. Britney Spears does too. Back in […]

QotD: Crash Reports

Question: How often do you "Send to Apple" the crash reports that appear when an app goes down? My Answer: Never. I'm still hoping Apple provides a away for an application to provide contact information for the developer so that we, not frickin' Apple, get the crash reports. What the heck do they care if […]


Stupid server. I have no idea what '-DPHP' means, but I do know that whenever I see it - in conjunction with 152 processes - that my server is not working. Were it my own server, to which I have root access, I'd apachectl restart or reboot the whole box. It's not. It's a shared […]

I realize that some of these things are in fact MovableType issues, but so be it. Here, regardless of origin of fault, are my wishes for an improved Ecto and MovableType. When I attach a TrackBack URL to a story and post it to the blog as a draft from within Ecto, they should still […]

QotD: March Madness

Question: Do you go mad in March? My Answer: Yeah, from all the friggin' basketball on TV. I've often said that I'll play any sport, but basketball is just about the only sport I won't even watch on TV. I'd rather watch bowling or curling. I don't watch NASCAR (but then again, I don't consider […]

Short Course… on CD?

I'm interested in buying this short course, an e-book, except it comes on CD-ROM? How about letting me download the darn thing? $19.95 could probably be dropped to $14.95 if they didn't have to mail me a CD, and I'd get the satisfaction of being able to read right away. And how about a few […]

Snow on a Pine

One of the first pictures I took with my camera today. The lot of them were very washed out, very "midtoney" or low in contrast. I bumped the contrast on this one up a bit, made it a tad darker, and slid around some of the colors. It's nothing spectactular, that's for sure.

My Day So Far

Went to the driver's license center for the third time this week. Monday was "pictures only" day. Tuesday I found out that there was a problem with my FL license. Today I was told that, despite the fact that I had all the proper paperwork on Tuesday, things had changed and I'd need to get […]

QotD: Shopping Cart

Question: Here's a situation. You're pushing a cart to your car after shopping at Wal-Mart (or anywhere). Next to you, a woman empties her cart. She's carrying only her purse and has no company, and certainly no children. She pushes her cart in front of her minivan and turns to get into her car. The […]

Need a Few Names

We're looking to add two sections to The Sand Trap: a weekly interview series and a "list" column. We have a category for opinions ("Swing Thoughts") and one for random small news ("Tap-Ins") that stick with the golf theme, but we've yet to come up with good names for the interview and list columns. Maybe […]

If this is ever released, it will sell for quite a bit of money. WOW. Found via Kevin Fox.

Burned by Nintendo DS

I must admit to feeling a bit burned by the Nintendo DS. The darn thing has all of four games (ok, slight exaggeration). Pretty pathetic, really. Anyone want a Nintendo DS + Tiger Woods for, I dunno, $150, including S&H? 😛