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Archive for March, 2005

QotD: Hold

Question: How much time do you estimate you spend "on hold" in a given week? My Answer: About 30 minutes. When placing or checking on orders, when talking with customers and clients, when trying to figure out what the hell Florida is doing about my license. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the […]

Recent Tunes

Mac OS X Hints publishes a nice review of Recent Tunes (why they call it Current Tunes is beyond me) and reminds me that I've been looking to give the product away for awhile now. If you're interested in the source code to Recent Tunes, please let me know. We'd like to see the application […]

Digital Camera Ordered

Today I ordered my Canon Digital Rebel XT from B&H. I first put a call in to "my local shop," but the guy would not even begin to guess at when he might see his first shipment. I realize that B&H is big, gets orders from the manufacturers quickly, but I wanted to give "the […]

QotD: Widgets

Question: If you could create any (reasonable) Dashboard Widget, what would you have it do? My Answer: I don't see myself using Dashboard much, actually. Everything I need is already in the current layer. The calculator will come in handy, but that's hardly imaginative. Perhaps a very simple and effective to-do list with reminders of […]

New TiVo

Apparently I have to buy a new TiVo today. The one I have has died. Died died died. It just says "Welcome. Powering Up…" forever. I don't mind too much. The toughest thing will be re-creating the Season Passes. I only had about four or five shows saved that I'd not yet watched or wanted […]

QotD: Driver’s License

Question: Do you have a driver's license? If so, how's the picture? 🙂 At what age did you get your first one? My Answer: Yes. Picture's fine. But I'll be getting a PA one soon (more on that later today). Do foreign countries even have driver's licenses, or is licensure handled differently? I obtained my […]

I stopped in at my local camera store to price out a new Digital Rebel XT. Here's what I've got so far (prices from B&H - I intend to get the local store to match or better the prices):

QotD: Domains

Question: How many domains do you own? My Answer: I just wanted an excuse to link to this one: picking up expired domains. But I will answer the question: 27. All of which have been used for their intended purpose at one point or another, and some of which obviously still are. Some are defunct […]

Google, for whatever reason, continues to ignore The Sand Trap. The site used to have .golf extensions (php [i.e. html] files served with the proper text/html MIME type and content-types), but it's had .php extensions for about two weeks now. Click the link above for a brief discussion of that whole mess. Still, Google searches […]

QotD: American History

Question: What period of American history would you most like to visit? My Answer: The Industrial Revolution had to have been cool. New millionaires were springing up left and right, optimism was everywhere, and business was booming. Imagine the impact you could have made if you had just one great idea? Or the impact you […]

QotD: Dumber

Question: Are kids today dumber than they were 20 years ago? 50? My Answer: I'm not sure they're dumber, but they sure as heck act like it. Whether it's a lack of work, crappy education standards, or what, I don't know, but Carey graded some tests today that were simply amazing… in the wrong sense […]

QotD: Gmail

Question: Have you talked to anyone in the past month who wanted a Gmail account and doesn't yet have one? My Answer: I think I have about 110 invites right now. It's ridiculous. No longer can Gmail be called an "invitation-only" kinda gig - invites are everywhere. Heck, Carey has about four Gmail addresses. 😛 […]


Question: Where do you watch DVDs? My Answer: I split them about 50/50 between my computer (when I'm doing work) and my TV (when I want to just watch a movie). Both are good for their purpose, but I wouldn't watch so much on the Mac without TransLucy. You are encouraged to answer the Question […]

Kill Nav-Commenters.gif

Yes, you too can now kill nav-commenters.gif via a quick plugin from John Gruber. The problem wasn't what I'd call "horrifying," but as Gruber says, it was maddening like a piece of popcorn stuck in your teeth. His small plugin is just the right piece of floss. Happy to have helped, though I don't admit […]

Photographing Sunsets

Some quick tips on photographing sunsets with a digital camera. Turn off the white balance feature. Let the sun get low to avoid damaging the CCD. Turn off auto-focus; switch to landscape mode. Turn around and look at the other images a sunset can produce. Shoot even after the sun's gone down. Use a tripod. […]