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Archive for March, 2005

Printing Google Maps

Google Maps is still kinda crappy at one thing: printing. It's actually a Safari issue. The transparent PNG that's used to draw the route from one place to another doesn't print transparently from within Safari. Oh well. I found where I needed to go, and Google Maps was still great at finding the address quickly. […]

QotD: Fonts

Question: How many fonts do you have installed? My Answer: Font Book tells me that I have 310 fonts installed. My fontTablesAnnex file was 32 MB. I deleted it, have restarted a few times, and now it's 26.7 MB. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or […]

Switching Firefox Profiles

I created a second Firefox profile today, and despite holding down option as I'm told to at, no profile manager appears, and there doesn't seem to be any way to force it to appear after the application has launched already. What's up with that? At least the Linux method - ./firefox-bin -profilemanager - worked.

QotD: Schiavo

Question: What's your position on the Schiavo situation? My Answer: I've not been following the situation at all. Normally I'm ok with assisted suicides, but those are in instances in which the person is mentally sound and capable of making the decision themselves. That ain't the case here. But that's about all I do know. […]

Torrential Tiger Lawsuit Over

See? Apple has settled its lawsuit with one of three men it sued for distributing beta versions of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. "While Apple will always protect its innovations, it is not our desire to send students to jail," said Apple spokesman Steve Dowling. "We are pleased that Mr. Steigerwald has taken responsibility for […]

Happy Birthday To Me

If anyone wants to wish me a happy birthday, buy some software instead. 😉 I've long since passed the stage where I care about being another year older. I'm a day older than yesterday, just like I will be tomorrow. The pleasure of having a birthday now comes in the guilt-free ability to be a […]

QotD: Voices

Question: Do you think you're going to buy any of the voices from Cepestral? My Answer: I'm thinking about it. But $30 and I never use text-to-speech? I dunno about that… but maybe we want to add a "speak title" action to PulpFiction or something. Hmmm… You are encouraged to answer the Question of the […]

Photobloggies 2K5

You can vote for the 2005 Photobloggies now, and I've done so. I also scanned quite a few of the photoblogs and added many to PulpFiction. I was surprised, however, by the number of "photo blogs" that don't have any feeds - RDF, XML, RSS, Atom - nada! I'm also surprised at the surprising lack […]

Test of Ecto 2.2.5

Testing for Adriaan. Ecto 2.2.5 doesn't seem to like to post categories the first time around…

Handling Support Requests

How does this read? We'll be happy to add that feature - do you have any more thoughts? Thanks for writing! Now how does it read? 🙂

The "other" book is still in the works, but I've come up with a new idea for a new book. If you're a digital photographer that knows his stuff (or her stuff), get in touch with me. I prefer AIM ("iacas") but email - or a comment here with a valid email address - will […]

Golf Scholarship

I recently redesigned the website for the country club to which I belong - Lake View Country Club - and the only thing I've asked for as payment for what would have normally been about a $3,000+ job was a $335 junior membership that I could give away to a golfer at my former high […]

QotD: Terminal

Question: What color is your terminal background? My Answer: It had been set to one of those Apple-supplied background pictures, actually, but I just changed it to 80% opaque dark green. Spring is in the air, and everything around me is about to turn green: why not my Terminal? White text, naturally. You are encouraged […]

Big Printing

Should I ever need a 6'x4' picture (yes, feet) printed for less than $75, I now know where to get it. Found it via a Digital Rebel Forum I've stumbled onto today. I took a panoramic photo (6 pictures stitched together) of Machu Piccu and wanted a larger print made. I emailed 3 different places […]

QotD: Burial

Question: When you die, how do you want to be "handled"? Buried, cremated, drawn and quartered… what? My Answer: I'll take cremation. It's cheap and spacially economical. I don't want to sit in an urn, either: scatter me over a golf course or my lawn or something. You are encouraged to answer the Question of […]