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Archive for May, 2005

I have some extra tickets for the Senior PGA tournament in Ligonier, PA (this coming week, Monday to Sunday, May 23-29) as well as some extra tickets to next week's Memorial in Columbus, OH. Hale Irwin and Ernie Els are the defending champions, and both will surely be grand events. If you're interested in going […]

Don Yacktman’s Blog

Don Yacktman, long-time NeXTie and now Mac OS X developer, now has a blog. One of his first posts is rather intriguing. It's good to see someone like Don blogging more. And it looks as though he's got some things going on that may increase the likelihood that he'll continue to blog. Very cool.

QotD: Cartoon

Question: What's your favorite cartoon? My Answer: The Family Guy is pretty high on the list, but The Simpsons still wins out in the end. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

I'm once again trying AdSense. Not so much for the people that visit regularly - I've tried to tuck them in such a place that you can easily skip them when moving down to the comments section - but more for the people that come here via search terms and aren't quite sure where to […]

Mail’s Ugly Icons

I set my parents up last night with Mail on their new Mac. Previously, they'd been using a shared Entourage database between users. It worked well, except that sometimes my dad would delete or mark mail as read when there was no reason to do so, and my mom wouldn't see it. Years ago I […]

QotD: World Trade Towers

Question: Do you support the single "Freedom Tower" or Trump's "rebuild 'em better, stronger, and a foot taller" approach to building on the grounds of the World Trace Center towers? My Answer: I'm putting in with The Donald. Just make sure the elevator shafts can't be used to completely topple the entire towers. Maybe even […]

QotD: Interview

Question: What's the longest interview process through which you've gone? My Answer: Two interviews, each about 30-45 minutes in length. I'm staring at one now that may include six interviews (one of which is a full 8-hour work day "trial"). You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments […]

QotD: Wireless

Question: How important is an Internet connection in your hotel room to you when travelling? My Answer: Very important. The wireless Internet provided at the Hampton Inn was down until about 11pm yesterday, so I had to kill 90 minutes at Pizza Hut. When it came back it was still quite slow. You are encouraged […]

Trip to Fairhaven, MA

I arrived in Providence, RI a bit late, but was quickly on my way in the rental car. It's got New York plates, and unlike when I went to North Carolina, they handed me the keys and said "cya tomorrow." And off I went. No 413-point inspection, just the keys. Traffic wasn't so spiffy, but […]

QotD: Happiest

Question: Of the people you know at least moderately well, who's the happiest? My Answer: I know who. She's also the grumpiest at times, and the most irritable, and the most energetic, and the… everything! It must be nice to be a two-year old. 😉 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day […]

I disabled MT-TrackbackAntiSpam as it seems broken. People trying to send me a TrackBack from perfectly valid hosts instead got 403s. So, bye bye MT-TBAS. SpamLookup has been doing well at The Sand Trap, so I may move that over and combine it with MT-Blacklist.

Yes, it's true, and you too can download the Gun Self Defense Calculator. I've taken the "back side text" from this widget, and here it is. Calculations used in this widget are based on the now famous study by renowned criminologists Gary Kleck & Marc Gertz that was reported in the The Journal of Criminal […]

QotD: Toilet Seat Covers

Question: Do you have toilet seat covers on your toilet seats? My Answer: Yes, though apparently my soon-to-be significant other thinks they're "white trashy." I disagree. I say they keep the toilet seat from being too cold. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your […]

Sean Voisen has passed on to me the so-called "musical baton." Apparently, like Sean, I must oblige. Total size of music files on my computer: 57.14 GB (not too shabby, I guess). The last CD I bought was: Bleed Like Me by Garbage.

Okay, so this hasn't happened yet, but we're getting warmer: Thanks, Gizmodo.