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Archive for January, 2007

Aperture Image Editing Plugins

I spent some time playing with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom yesterday and found that I liked a lot of the things it did, but for me, Aperture beats it in a few key areas. The cross-platform nature, Adobe's Camera Raw platform (which isn't tied to the OS and which, by most accounts, beats Apple's in terms […]

Gosh I hope so. He's the best candidate and has what appears to be a brilliant mind for football. Ron Rivera? Russ Grimm? Ugh. Update: 01/22/2007: Yay!!!!


About a week ago I told Josh about a Korean website that was doing some interesting things with bokeh. Josh and I talked on AIM one day and devised a simple way to build your own "shapertures" ((Full credit for the creative name belongs to Josh.)) and he took some test shots and published his […]

Mac Pro 802.11n

Why don't any news articles mention the Mac Pro when they're talking about the 802.11n capabilities for which Apple's going to charge $1.99? Example: Apple on Thursday confirmed reports that it plans to charge customers a fee to download software that will enable the 802.11n capability in the Wi-Fi chips found in some MacBook and […]

Large Camera Stores Near Erie?

All Erie has in the way of camera stores is Van Tuil, a store that appears to cater to people wishing to have their photographs developed more than anything. They carry very little stock, charge a good bit more than B&H, and aren't even terribly helpful half the time. So, I'm looking for a big […]

I drove over the little creek between the Humane Society and I-79 today on my way to Wegman's early when the light was striking. I drove back at about 9:15 to see if the light was still there. It wasn't. I took some pictures anyway with the XTi. It definitely "underexposes" if you don't quite […]

A friend just sent me an email from Cingular saying: Cingular Wireless has noted a nation wide outage since 4:00 AM today. Some subscribers have been able to get their blackberrys working again by taking out the battery and the sim card, leaving it out for a few minutes and reinstalling them into the blackberry. […]

The Sunny 16 Rule

The "Sunny 16" Rule says that: in sunny light and with an aperture of f/16, if you use a shutter speed of 1/x (where x = your ISO), you should get a reasonable exposure. I recently (re-)discovered the Radiant Vista site, and the thing I like most about it is the Daily Critique. I cannot […]

A Separate Feed

At The Sand Trap, we published a private "full entry" feed so that GolfWRX (one of our partners) could post the content to their forums. Our general subscribers just get the excerpts, of course, so they visit the site and see the ads (and to keep bandwidth down). In MovableType, of course, I just created […]

1000 Days

Today, as Adam pointed out, marks the 1000th day since Carey first emailed me back in, uhhh, 1000 days ago. Since then, this happened, and so much more, of course. We were married, bought a house, have sent a kid to school, and so much more. All because of one 14-word email sent 1000 days […]

Minor Aperture Annoyances

I've begun using Aperture for anything that goes beyond the "point and shoot" variety of pictures, and I find myself annoyed with a few things that aren't a matter of my ignorance (as are most of my annoyances with the application). Both of these annoyances have to do with the list smart searches you see […]

Here is a list of apps I'd like to see on an iPhone: Terminal (like, duh!). Being able to SSH into my server would be awesome. Heck, I'd settel for a shell-looking SSH client. Something to post to my blog (and not via the blog's Web interface - I know I could use Safari. I […]

QotD: Purchased iTunes Count

Question: How many files are listed in your "Purchased" playlist in iTunes? My Answer: 1329 items. I've probably purchased about 1000 of those (the rest were free). 1000 items tied to FairPlay is a little freaky to me, but at the same time, I don't foresee a future (not in the next five years anyway) […]

Question: Are you in favor of making the metric system the "default" measurement system in the U.S.? My Answer: Hell yeah. Nothing about the English system is "good" except for the familiarity of it. Plus, it'll be hella neat to drive "100" legally and my TV will suddenly seem larger ((Other men may enjoy the, […]

Cherries in Mint Liqueur

I was bored, so I spent 30 minutes tonight setting up a little shot I've seen done a few different times. It's the old "drop something in a wine glass" shot. I chose a cherry in a glass filled with green dyed water (no sense wasting actual mint liqueur). Shot was taken with the Canon […]