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Archive for January, 2007

As I wrote yesterday, WordPress 2.1 severely breaks image uploading in several ways: It automatically creates thumbnails I don't want (or need). It ignores path components and instead appends the path to the filename. It creates unnecessary (or unwanted) data in the wp_postmeta table. It creates unnecessary (or unwanted) data in the wp_posts table. I […]

We're paying for the fact that most of December was about 50°, I think. This isn't a promising looking weather chart, and I can't say I'm particularly happy to see all that Apple-designed snow flitting about in my Dashboard. It may be well-designed snow, good-looking snow, but it's still a lot of freakin' snow. I'm […]

WordPress 2.1 has "broken" something I've come to rely on in ecto: the ability to easily upload images. Two problems exist: Thumbnails are automatically created (I don't want them to be) The "/" in the path I specify is ignored. In the case of the second, if I specify photos/ and attempt to upload picture.jpg […]

Lightroom and Photoshop CS3

Adobe's $199 introductory pricing ($99 for students - I'll have to see if my teacher wife qualifies!) is almost low enough to tempt me into buying it. Even if I only use it occasionally, $199 (or $99) ain't bad. The problem is that much of Lightroom's functionality can be found elsewhere: Bridge and Adobe Camera […]

I ventured to the Winter Snowfest at Frontier Park today. What a great place to sled! All we had growing up was the relatively puny hill at Gravel Pit in North East! By far, the most interesting thing happened as I was leaving. A conversion van was driving along the road and sideswiped a parked […]

Writing Daily

I believe that writing daily is a good habit to get into. Today, though, not so much to say except "poof!"


I must admit: I feel a bit like Tim Allen. Perhaps 10.5 horsepower is overkill for a guy with a short driveway (but a lot of sidewalk), but is there really such a thing as "too much" when it comes to powering through two to three feet of wet snow without breaking a sweat? I […]

Snow Exposure

Turns out +1 to +1 1/3 is a good exposure for snow at 4:00pm on an overcast Erie January day. We're getting dumped on now fairly hard, but all the snow we've gotten has given me an excuse to both try the new snowblower (a Husqvarna 10.5 HP) and take some pictures. The snowblower will […]

AirTunes on my Hip

You know what I'd like? AirTunes on my hip. I want a little player - iPod shuffle-sized ((The old "pack of gum" size, not the new tiny size.)) if possible, but capable of showing up in iTunes as a destination to which music can be streamed. I'd pay a little bit extra to be able […]

Dodd, 5D, and Beanies

Today I ventured into Cleveland to have a look at a Canon 5D at Dodd Camera. I wanted to get a sense for the size of the thing, and Erie's camera stores don't carry much more than $300 P&S cameras. The 5D feels great in my hands, and the viewfinder is incredible. Canon is offering […]

As I said in an earlier post, WordPress 2.1 breaks ecto, a blog publishing app I and thousands of others use. I wrote to the developer Adriaan, and he's informed me that the fault lies with WordPress 2.1. Here's how. When requesting new information in ecto (via "Refresh"), ecto attempts to retrieve the last 15-20 […]

I've updated my two WordPress plugins to support WordPress 2.1. In fairly limited testing (i.e. here on my blog) they seem to work okay. So… grab them from the plugins page. From an end user perspective (i.e. as a blog admin, not a reader), WordPress 2.1 is incredibly underwhelming. It forces an en-masse "check" of […]

In news that will likely sadden fans of Fox's House, M.D., the Pittsburgh Steelers will today announce that they've hired Omar Epps as their new head coach. Actually, of course, they hired Mike Tomlin, as I hoped they would. You can mouse over the picture for the real Mike Tomlin. Tomlin is 34 - the […]

WordPress 2.1

/me twiddles thumbs waiting for WordPress 2.1 to be released.


Coming… ehh… eventually: