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Archive for January, 2007

My Wishlist

I've posted a new page, my "wishlist," to the top of the page here. It's mainly a wishlist of my tech goodies and gadgets. I'll update the list as things go along, but for now, there it is. What's on your wishlist?

More Cheapie Soft Box Photos

Today I added the strobe lights to my small little soft box setup. The results I got before weren't very good. These results were much better, even though the old ones look just fine after trips through Aperture and Photoshop. Today I added the strobes to the setup. I had pretty long exposure times last […]

Net Neutrality

This is the first - and may be the only - post I make on Net Neutrality. I've not followed the issue like I should, but having done a little reading on it, my opinions are pretty clear. More here. Thanks Jesper. P.S. When I'd finished watching this video on YouTube, "House Rejects Net Neutrality" […]

Two things, both related to The Sand Trap… One: If you're getting this feed and you expect to be getting a feed for The Sand Trap, please update your feeds to point to I mistakenly copied a .htaccess file that redirected users - some permanently - here to my personal blog. Two: I've resolved […]


1 + 2 = 6! Yes, in the RDF, even math is different.

I don't care about the Apple TV. I don't care about the iPhone because I can't get Cingular service in my area (and, from what I have heard, they suck lately anyway). And how does "approval takes two months" mean June anyway? But mainly I'm deeply disapopinted that the iPhone is available only for Cingular. […]

MWSF 2007

This one is a simple poll, folks. {democracy:4} No doubt as I have time to absorb it myself, I'll post more.

A few days ago I wrote about a problem I was having with WP-Cache. Cache files were being generated, but none of them were ever being used and the cache counter in the admin area never incremented (it always read zero). After going through my plugins one at a time, the problem was oddly with […]

Last night I took what I would consider my first attempts at semi-decent planned photos. I took photographs of some golf shoes in the smaller soft box I'd constructed. There were several problems with the actual shoot: Three 60W bulbs - and a flash - are apparently not quite enough light, somehow. I suspect my […]

Box Shadows

It's nice to see WebKit add support for the box shadow property in CSS3. I look forward to the day when we can sit back and talk about the good ol' days when we had to build three separate images and stitch them together with clever CSS and HTML just to get a darn shadow. […]

OpenDNS, TLDs, and Searching

Now that OpenDNS has fixed the "caching" issue, I'm down to one reason not to use them: the removal of the "" feature wherein I type "apple" in the location bar of my browser and it dutifully tries first the local network before quickly switching to "" ((Technically "" of course.)) This feature even works […]

My Cheapie Soft Box

I spent some time at Lowe's today, and I've built the frameworks for two "do-it-yerself" soft boxes. I got some five-foot lengths of half-inch PVC pipe for a whopping cost of $0.97 apiece, some three-way and 90° elbow joints for about $3 per ten, and eight round butt caps for $0.24 apiece. Total cost: under […]


After completing the move of The Sand Trap over to the same server that hosts this blog, I found that I was restarting Apache every few minutes - and that doing so gracefully wouldn't work. Why? MaxClients in httpd.conf was set to only 10! I've bumped the setting to a more reasonable 150 or so. […]

I've written about my methods for "404 Searching" before, but due to the speed (or lack thereof) with which MovableType handled searches, I disabled the feature entirely. WordPress is much lighter on it feet, or faster afoot, in many ways. I've been able to re-institute the 404 Search under WordPress without noticing much in the […]

WP-Cache Problems

I've encountered some unusual issues with WP-Cache today. I'm using PHP 5.1.4 and MySQL 4.1.21 with WP-Cache 2.0.20 and WordPress 2.0.5. Gzipped content is disabled (Options -> Reading). When I enable caching, cache files are created in wp-content/cache/, but the counters at the bottom of the WP-Cache Manager page always say "0" (cached pages, expired […]