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Archive for April, 2007

Carey bought some Jones soda recently, the new "cane sugar" variety, and it simply reminded me of one of my favorite Jones drinks: the "Bada Bing" drink. It was cherry flavored with loganberry and milk, and it was really good. It appears that flavor is no longer available, and that makes me sad. A moment […]

Without Power

On Thursday we're scheduled to be without power from 9am to 3pm. WTF am I supposed to do during that time? If anything, it's a great excuse to go play golf, but I really do have a fair amount of work to do, too. The power outages that I wrote about before have really been […]

Carey Needs a Temp Phone

Carey needs a phone that will accept a SIM card (for Cellular One). We don't want to extend our contract. She needs a simple phone with an address book - she really never uses the camera or other features (Bluetooth, MP3 ringtones, etc.). The other two phones we have were, uhhh, "mistreated" by the same […]

Man of the Year

I just finished watching Man of the Year, and despite a promising start, the movie gets unusually serious. What was a funny movie, a mockery of modern-day politics, turns into a boring movie as soon as "Dobbs" is elected President. Lame. My NetFlix movie queue is getting short. Can anyone recommend some good movies I'm […]

Whispering Woods will have a website sooner or later, but I wanted to post their green fees and cart rental fees so interested golfers could get some information now. Seniors are 62 and over. Prices are for 18/9 holes. Weekday Adult: $55 / $30 Weekday Senior: $45 / $25 Weekend/Holiday Adult: $60 / $35 Weekend/Holiday […]

Simplest Poll Ever


Indeed, ripping at about 20 frames per second from two discs is nice indeed. The HandBrake icon seen is from the latest beta, 0.8.5b1. It could still use some UI help, but it does its job well, so I can't complain that much.

One Too Many Cocktails

Idiot. Update: This rivals a story Carey just told me. A woman and her child were at the zoo and the kid asked the mom why the penguins had bands around their arms. The mom's response: "So they don't fly away."

I think you can guess what this post contains… The outdoor shots were taken with the 85/1.8 lens, ISO 100, and aperture varying between f/2.8 and f/5.6. The indoor shots were taken with my 24-70/2.8L. I left the aperture at f/2.8 most of the time and the ISO ranged between 400 and 800. I need […]

Panic’s Coda is Not My Style

Coda is out, and I can already tell you that it won't take me anywhere near the 14 days offered in the trial to know that I won't be purchasing it. Though I'm sure it has the usual sparkle and usability of a Panic app, the "one-window web development" idea is simply not my style. […]

If you save this script as a droplet, it will open files in BBEdit with text wrapping turned off (regardless of your default preferences). on open the_files tell application "BBEdit" open the_files with properties {soft wrap text:false} end tell end open Opening files with soft wrapping off enables BBEdit to open large files (say, 75 […]

Happy 80th, Grandma!

My grandma turns 80 today. I'll have pictures later on, but for now: happy birthday, Grandma!

Spring is Finally Here

Unfortunately, my golf game has yet to arrive. 🙂

Ron came over last night to "make up" for this coming Sunday when we might miss our weekly photography trek (we're kinda like gym buddies that help force each other to take pictures once a week). We weren't terribly inspired, but we did start with a "floating" light bulb and got some decent pictures. Here […]

Forlorned Vista Wallpapers

My friend Heinrich has posted information on the forgotten Vista wallpapers. Some are quite nice - the package is well worth a download.