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Archive for August, 2007

1) The Help Menu 2) Preview in Order Preview finally opens images in the proper order. No longer will "image04.jpg" be shown after "image21.jpg." 3) Screenshot Coordinates When you press shift-cmd-4, the crosshairs appear with screenshot coordinates. If you just want to quickly approximate the size of an image or take a properly sized screenshot, […]

I wasn't brought up to necessarily be "courteous" to people. Manners weren't beat into my head or anything; they were simply expected. Awareness and thoughtfulness weren't mandates, but rather part of "standard operating procedure." I used to think the lack of common courtesy and manners was a younger generation issue, but lately I'm not so […]

The megamatch at Whispering Woods (McDowell's home course) is coming up soon. It's going to be tough. I figure the over-under on average score is about 90 and the average number of lost balls per golfer is probably 3.1. I'll take the over. Good luck, guys.

That Answers That

Remember a long time ago, in the early days of Mac OS X, when people went so far as to hold contests to see what people thought was written on the TextEdit icon? Well, I guess we will be guessing no longer: Now everyone will simply wonder: who's Kate?

Miss Teen South Carolina

Can't say much about this except, uhm, wow? P.S. This is a good response.

I'm working on an upload script for WordPress and MarsEdit (which I imagine will work pretty smoothly with ecto once I'm done). It's coming along pretty well, but since I can make assumptions about my blog(s) that I can't make about others, I don't know how functional it will be for everyone. I will release […]

Mike Tomlin vs. Will Smith

Only in Pittsburgh: But in Pittsburgh, he has achieved celebrity status. When movie star Will Smith accompanied Tomlin to dinner at a local restaurant, fans mobbed their table — to meet Tomlin. According to Hammons, Smith told Tomlin it was the first time in 20 years he had eaten in a restaurant and hadn't been […]

Hardy Har… British woman goes for weeks without showering, skincare products as an experiment. When asked how she felt, she replied "Je me sens très bien. Un peu graisseux, mais rien trop mauvais." I'm going to spend some time today playing with iUI. Ideally, some of the plugins which show a different theme for even […]

I haven't heard anything more on the AT&T buyout of Cellular One. Back in June, it was said the buyout would be completed around December or January. Our last contract (of the three phones we have with CellOne) ends in mid-November, so the timing works out nicely if so. Ideally, I could begin using my […]

Otters Hockey Camp, Day One

Last night was the first night of the Erie Otters adult hockey camp at the Tullio arena. I'm playing winter hockey this year and was excited to get on the ice. I came away a bit disappointed, though, with the first session. With four more to go, I'm not sure how much I'm going to […]

iPhone and GMail/Yahoo

For whatever reason, I cannot set up GMail or Yahoo! mail on the iPhone. GMail fails rather quickly and Yahoo! takes much longer but likewise also fails. Do these services - like YouTube - require actual activation?

iPhone Received

My 8GB iPhone arrived today. Here's a re-telling of how things went. 11:22: iPhone arrives. 12:18: Finally have time to unpack iPhone. Admire little pull tab that separates iPhone from accessories. 12:19: Begin using iActivator. 12:31: Activate iPhone. Turns out I had to turn it off between steps or I got a funny error. 12:32: […]

Cyndicate got 5/5 in its review at ThinkMac.

Numbers’ Lack of ‘Fill Down’

So, I fire up Numbers, Apple's spreadsheet addition to iWork's suite of productivity apps, and my productivity falls through the floor. Where the hell is "Fill Down"? How can I copy a formula and paste it into a bunch of cells? Sure, I can drag the little circle down. That works… but why isn't this […]

Version 1.0.2 is now available for download! Changes since 1.0.1: Added an option to set the default toolbar action for the Share This item to any of the options. Added a dock menu item to fetch new articles. Added a menu item to the article preview pane's contextual menu to show linked content. Added [[articleColorName]] […]