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Archive for October, 2007

New Dishwasher Installed

The new dishwasher was installed today. It's snug - the opening is slightly undersized, so you've got to push a little to really seal the door. Honestly, it feels good and gets a better seal. Almost like high-end cars and the "snugness" their doors exhibit over, say, a Ford Escort. The installer told me a […]

Not Quite That Simple

John Gruber writes about iPhone users who have unlocked their iPhones and feel "screwed" because they have a sense of entitlement. John takes steps to illustrate the differences between a hardware modification and a software modification. His example of a software modification is replacing a kernel extension with another older version. John then claims that […]

Mizuno MP-67

<moment class="golf_geek">I'm pretty excited. I just ordered a set of Mizuno MP-67 irons with Project X shafts.</moment> Woot!

Our search has come to an end. Today Carey and I purchased a new gas range, refrigerator, and dishwasher. We first went to Sears where the woman who was "helping" us did an incredibly poor job. Still, we found some items we liked and wrote them down. I took pictures with my iPhone so we […]

If nothing else, this game showed whiny Mike Holmgren that the only fluke in Super Bowl XL was how badly the Steelers actually played in that game.

Trading Up

I'm reading the book Trading Up right now. It was $1 at Borders and for that little I figured I couldn't go wrong. The book talks about the "New Luxury" consumer - the guy or gal willing to spend a little more in certain areas of their life that they deem important (usually on a […]

The timer in our dishwasher seems to have gone bad. A cycle that is supposed to take 98 minutes takes over four hours. Later, I checked and the timer said 40 minutes. I called someone and, after a three-minute conversation, still said 40. Heck, it's said 28 minutes for the past 10+ minutes (I switched […]

Trillian to Mac OS X?

Huh? Why? I'll just keep on keepin' on with Adium.

Complete with tracking!

Editing Browser Cookies

{democracy:23} Just today I became frustrated with editing my cookies (I don't know why I bothered to look at the list) and just deleted them all en masse. I wish browser cookies were easier to manage (in Safari at least).

Dear AFC Team Looking to Hire a New Coach, Hire Bill Cowher. He's great. Plus, as a Steelers fan, I'll have one less team to worry about. Win-Win! Signed, Happy with Tomlin

Today is the last day to pick up, at a savings of over 20% off, the Mac News Junkie Bundle I wrote about a few days ago. Follow your favorite news feeds using Cyndicate from Cynical Peak Software and then archive your favorite articles using EagleFiler from C-Command Software. Cyndicate and EagleFiler normally retail for […]