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Archive for October, 2007

Annoying Safari “Bug”

When you download a .dmg that contains an application, Safari ((I'm using the 3.0 beta on 10.4.10)) warns you that it "may contain an application." You're given two buttons: "Cancel" and "Continue". It annoys me that, when you choose "Cancel," what appears to be a worthless ".download" file remains in your Downloads folder. You can […]

300 New Features in Leopard!

Which of the 300 new features in Leopard do you care about more than the others?

Woot! Steve speaketh.

There’s an Opera in my Bridge

Today I accidentally hit shift-cmd-U. Opera - yeah, that Opera - launched. I quit Opera and looked in my Applications folder for a copy. Failing to find one, I performed a search. I threw away a few Opera preferences folders but found no Opera application. So I hit shift-cmd-U again… and used the dock menu […]

Pre-Ordering Leopard

I pre-ordered Leopard on June 20, 2007 at Today when I saw the price had dropped to $109 from $129, I checked my pre-order. It still said $129 and that it would ship on November 1-3. So I cancelled my long-standing pre-order and ordered again - at $109 and with shipping on or before […]

A few days ago our "new" dishwasher was installed. Today we had the proper model installed. 🙂 It turns out Lowe's sent the wrong one. It didn't have the "fancy" silverware tray, the adjustable-height top rack, the pot scrubber, the fancier styling (a handlebar front), and a few other features and whatnots. When the refrigerator […]

My Online Scorecard

I mentioned a few days ago that Scorecard 1.2 was available. One of the new features is a web export that will automatically export your rounds to HTML. I export mine to my iDisk, which automatically synchronizes with my .Mac homepage: Also, for a limited time, forum members at The Sand Trap can use […]

TextExpander 2.0

With the release of TextExpander 2.0, I've made the switch from TypeIt4Me. I hung with Ti4M for its entire lifetime, but the developer is unresponsive at this time and TextExpander's feature set has surpassed TypeIt4Me's. They've made my previous comments about TypeIt4Me outdated. Turns out TextExpander still can't do some of the things TypeIt4Me has […]


I'd never heard the song "Online" before but someone pointed it out on The Sand Trap forum. It's pretty funny. That's all I have to say about that. 😉

Scorecard 1.2 Released

Scorecard, a golf statistics program for Mac OS X, is now available at version 1.2. Feature Highlights in Version 1.2: HTML export of rounds for displaying on the web. Deactivation of rounds for the statistics window to allow the user to focus on a time period or set of rounds. Printing of the statistics screen. […]


I dislocated my shoulder in college playing racketball. I should dig up the X-Rays - they're kind of bizarre, what with my right arm coming out of my sternum and all.

Heroes, Season Two

So what's the general consensus on Heroes, season two? I said after last season's conclusion that I wasn't sure I was going to watch this season. I don't care about the Guatemalan people, Sylar, "the company," or any of that stuff.

NetFlix in Erie?

Just recently, rather than sending my DVDs from NetFlix back to Pittsburgh, I've noticed that they instead go to PO Box 13001, Erie, PA 16514. Cool.

WireTap Studio Released

WireTap Studio has been released. I competitively upgraded from Fission, which I never use, but will likely still use Audio Hijack Pro to continue to record the Golf Talk Podcasts. I've finally got a pretty good setup wherein I can record myself in one channel, the other hosts in another channel, and adjust the gain […]

Google AdSense into PayPal?

I tend to use my PayPal account as "petty cash." If I do a quickie job for someone that pays $100, I'll dump $50 of it to my bank account from PayPal and leave the rest there to pay for some software or some iTunes or other things like that. I'd like to set up […]