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Archive for December, 2007

My Blog is Five!

My blog is, today, five years old. In five years of blogging, I've posted at least one article every day. Whoopty doo.

Repair Permissions Warnings in 10.5

Why does Repair Permissions spit this junk out? Every other person I asked confirms that they see the same things. Is there something wrong? If not, why does repairPermissions tell me about it? Started verify/repair permissions on disk disk0s2 Peter Warning: SUID file "usr/libexec/load_hdi" has been modified and will not be repaired Warning: SUID file […]

leaks Safari

Go ahead, run leaks Safari. I dare you. [10:01am iacas@Bunny:~] % leaks Safari Process 318: 909079 nodes malloced for 90364 KB Process 318: 9329 leaks for 273936 total leaked bytes. That looks worse than it is (it's in bytes), but nine thousand of them?

Gaming Blog Coming Soon

I've had a lot of random thoughts about gaming lately, and so I'm going to start a little "group blog" with some online gaming buddies of mine. I'll update this entry with more, but we've got the domain picked out and I'm working on the blog's design. Should be done late Sunday night. We'll discuss […]

Sync: What’s the Problem?

You know, the only annoying thing about having an iPhone is that the Sync server will often have problems with the images. In fact, I've got an iPhone, Adium (which updates user images), .Mac backup, and BusySync - all of which lead to about three or four conflicts per day. I've found that the best […]

Tried Twitter, Hate Errors

I gave Twitter an honest shot (I'm "iacas"). Can't say I'll be using it. The only way I'd probably ever use Twitter is via Twitterrific, but I can't stand the Twitter "overloaded" errors. I would have happily paid the $14.95 ((The only tweak I'd like to see made to Twitterrific is to make the "new" […]

The WordPress plugin "Bad Behavior" seems to be malfunctioning today. I was blocked from my admin area and so were the admins of a few other WordPress blogs I know of. Email to the Bad Behavior folks bounced, and the software is still at version 2.0.10 despite promises several months ago of upcoming 2.1 and […]

Got an HD-DVD Player

Today I bought an HD-DVD player for the Xbox 360. Previously, they were $179 everywhere. Last night, I saw that they were down to $129 on and Toys 'R' Us. So, I picked one up today at Toys 'R' Us and printed the form for 5 free HD-DVDs. A few of the movies are […]

New Tires on the Touareg

After two years and about 27,000 miles, the Touareg's tires were in need of replacement. I went to Dunn Tire on Peach Street and got a pretty good deal on some Dueler H/L Alenzas in the Touareg's odd size (255/60HR17). They're rated pretty well (600A A) and other review seem favorable. Dunn has a few […]

Attention all customers of Time-Warner's Road Runner cable Internet service living in the Erie area west of I-79. I've previously documented the issues I've been having with Time-Warner's service here and here. Today a "PM" (plant maintenance) technician came to my house. I had scheduled the appointment last Thursday when my speed issues were not […]

Xbox Fall Update 2K7

The Xbox 360 "Fall Dashboard Update" is set to hit consoles at 2am PST tomorrow. Among its many features (some of which I've already talked about), the update adds the option to "Tell a Friend" about a game. Rather than "Friends of Friends" or the option to "Tell a Friend" about Worms or Aegis Wing, […]

The 7-10 Review Scale

Penny Arcade hints at it, but the "7-10" scale is a problem with IGN and a lot of other reviews online. It's an even larger problem when you realize that virtually every game is going to get a 9.5 or less because the "9.5 to 10" range is reserved for those truly remarkable, once-a-year-or-less type […]

Griffin PowerMate

When I was cleaning out my cord box a few days ago I found an old Griffin PowerMate (and two of the acrylic stands for it). USB Overdrive recognizes the button and "up" and "down" (though it gets them backwards), so I've set it to send keystrokes that map to Synergy, which controls iTunes. If […]