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Archive for December, 2007

Breaking up with Guitar Hero 3

Jason Kottke writes about his break-up with Guitar Hero 3, and mine is awfully similar. I've even got an excuse, what with my bent pinkies and all. I've beat "Easy" mode with five stars on all the songs. I don't think I've ever played a song perfectly, but I simply lack the desire to do […]

Best and Worst of 2007

Post your best and worst of 2007 in the comments. Limit yourself to one or put 20 items down for each - I don't care ((Though if you're doing the latter, why don't you have a blog of your own?))! Here's to hoping everyone has it great in 2008. My lists will appear in the […]


If you have an Xbox 360 and a Mac, and are interested in beta testing an application that, uhhh, "connects" them, please leave some contact information in the comments ((Or just leave a comment like "I want to beta test!" and supply a valid email address.)). Thanks.

Pats Perfect Season My Heinie

Lost in the hype of the Patriots "perfect season" is the simple fact that they're proven cheats. Perfect season my ass.

The XML file iTunes produces has one fatal flaw: it doesn't tell you which song is checked and which is not. Unfortunately, Brad and I need to get the "checked or not" information as well. Does anyone know the fastest and/or "best" way to do so? P.S. We're doing the parsing in straight C, currently, […]

Numbers Graphing Question

Simple question: is there any way for Numbers to display this data with the data spread out accordingly? The dates and times aren't evenly spaced, but I'd like them to be. Ideally I'd also like to plot the high and low values (perhaps as a box) and then connect the averages with a line. So […]

Anonymous Comments

I've never really allowed anonymous comments. This pretty much sums it up.

Christmas 2K7

Christmas 2K7 is now in the past. The Alton Brown prime rib went over really, really well. Unfortunately, someone suggested it would take only an hour to cook eight pounds of meat at 200°, and deferring to her 40+ years in the kitchen, I started cooking it at 3:30. Suffice to say we were finally […]

Chuq’s Aperture Wishlist

Chuq wrote a little about Aperture today and points out that it's been a year that Aperture has basically sat still, not moving. He links to an article from nearly a year ago that mentions things like auto HDR and panorama stitching, the use of Photoshop filters, and possibly licensing glass filters as effects in […]

Happy Holidays

May everyone get what they need and not what they want tomorrow, regardless of whether they're celebrating Christmas.

MacSanta is now offering 20% discounts on Cynical Peak software, including Cyndicate and Scorecard. To get your 20% off, use the coupon code "MACSANTA07" at checkout. This deal is good today, December 23, only. A 10% discount is offered the rest of December with the coupon code "MACSANTA07TEN."

Just now I noticed that I'm no longer able to adjust the brightness of my display (a 23" Cinema hooked up to a Radeon X1900 XT). Mac Pro, quad 3.0 GHz, 10.5.1. When I open the Displays preferences, there's simply no brightness slider. When I press the buttons on my keyboard (F1/F2), nothing happens. When […]

Warp through Spaces

Warp allows you to move your mouse to the edge of your screen in order to switch spaces. The default 0.75 seconds seems just about perfect, and I think the app will come in handy those times when I'm not really using the keyboard. It's also another example of the kind of functionality "power users" […]

Cyndicate 1.1 is now available. This is a free update for all Cyndicate users. This release is mainly bug fixes with a few nice little features added in (like the ability to set what count the dock will show), auto-scrolling of the article list when you reach the top or bottom, and video attachments to […]

NFL Network Announcing Team

Bryant Greg Gumbel, Deion Sanders, Marshall Faulk == Worst Announcing Team Ever If I didn't like to pause so frequently (to get a drink, take a leak, etc.) then I'd have turned the radio broadcast on. As it is, I suffered through. Ugh. Worst ever.