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Archive for December, 2007

Your Browser of Choice?


This morning I deleted "WebKit" (which I'd renamed "Safari"). I restored a copy of Safari from earlier yesterday morning. I launched it. Attempts to open a URL from another application or to "Reopen Windows From Last Session" all result in one simple error in the console: 12/20/07 1:09:24 pm Safari[358] *** -[NSCFArray insertObject:atIndex:]: attempt to […]

Switched Back to ecto

Since shortly after MarsEdit 2.0's release, I switched to using it as my primary blog editor, occasionally substituting only the web interface on my primarily MarsEdit-powered blogs. However, I grew increasingly annoyed at several of MarsEdit's "issues" and have been using ecto 3.0 betas rather comfortably for well over a month now. MarsEdit can't handle […]

SunSpider and JavaScript Speed

I ran SunSpider with Safari 3.0.4 and the latest WebKit nightly. The results in a nutshell? The new JavaScript engine in the WebKit nightly build (Dec.19) is 2.83x as fast as that in Safari 3.0.4. ** TOTAL **: *2.83x as slow* 3021.6ms +/- 0.7% 8554.6ms +/- 0.2% significant I'm considering running the Safari nightly builds […]

Today I launched Aperture to do some quick photo picking (you'll notice some new blog header images). The menus were blank. I had an Apple and nothing else. Though I could export (via the keyboard shortcut), none of the popup menus in the export panel even worked. So I set about figuring out what was […]

Blu-Ray Price Drop

Blu-Ray players dropped recently, like the Sony BDP-S300 down to $299, but comments like this at Amazon will have me holding off a little while longer: I recently purchased a bdp s300 to go with my new 46 inch sony flat panel tv. Well I found out the hard way that each issue of a […]

Microsoft Sync Crashes on Leopard

Since upgrading to Leopard, "Microsoft Sync" ((/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Microsoft Sync Sync Services)) crashes like crazy. It doesn't happen every time, but it happens a few times per day. Full crash report in the extended entry (the next time it crashes, anyway). Everything still seems to sync, but the darn thing just won't stop crashing. […]

Announcing Agnostic Gamers

The gaming blog I've mentioned once or twice already is now ready for public consumption. The site is called "Agnostic Gamers" because we're not tied to any one console or platform. I've got a Nintendo DS Lite (and a DS somewhere) that I haven't played in months, a Wii I still mostly play Wii Sports […]

Cylon Sucks

I too got a few of the Cylon emails Jesper writes about, and I too quickly threw them in the trash. Cylon is scum.

Nice. GarageBand 4.1.1 includes a "send Ringtone to iTunes" option. So where can someone download some GarageBand-created ringtones? I'd make my own but I'm a musical retard when it comes to using GarageBand for more than editing podcasts.

A Plane on a Conveyor Belt

Because MythBusters was supposed to show the "plane on a conveyor belt" show last night, I stumbled onto the original question at Jason Kottke's blog. The question is as follows: A plane is standing on a runway that can move (some sort of band conveyer). The plane moves in one direction, while the conveyer moves […]

Latest SpamSieve Stats

Just for personal knowledge.

PHP RSS Parser

For a few years now, The Sand Trap has used MagpieRSS ((I'm not even going to link to it.)) to handle a few of the RSS feeds on the site. In recent months, it's been acting very flaky. A few weeks ago, I searched for some PHP XML processors. Most seemed to involve PEAR and […]

Seeking Gamers for a Blog

I'm looking for some fellow gamers who are interested in writing for a blog I've started with a pal. We don't have any massive plans right now - we're just looking for an outlet to write about games without cluttering up our personal blogs. But hey, I've started websites in the past without any real […]

Safari Cookie Bug

You know, I forgot to check, but you'd think the Safari Cookie bug that causes your Cookie file to be cleared would have been fixed by now. Update (2008-02-13): More information is available here. That site believes it's a date coercion issue in JavaScript.