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Archive for February, 2008

Photo Battle Blog Sidebar

The Photo Battle Blog now has a sidebar item. Of course, you can also subscribe to the feed to be notified daily of new battles. In Cyndicate I recommend turning the "display linked content" option on, as the daily battles are generated via plugin and the feed is, thus, rather bare. It still serves as […]

Over at the Photo Battle Blog (please visit and subscribe!), I've set every post to show up at midnight: 00:00:00 (with the corresponding 05:00:00 GMT). Unfortunately, WordPress doesn't seem to care for that. I first saw the problem yesterday (or the day before), and thought that perhaps the "all zeroes" was wigging WordPress out. So, […]

Yawn. Perhaps I'll have Aperture 2.0 and new MacBook Pros for my birthday (March 23)… dare to dream?

Office:2008 Re-Registration?

I've received my copy of Office:2008. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to un-register the previous version. I was using a friend's code (you get three licenses with the Home and Student Edition) and I'd like to free it up for her and use my own registration codes. No idea how. I tried deleting files […]

Six-team playoffs are a solved problem. In football, the top two teams get bye weeks. Seed 3 plays seed 6 and seed 4 plays seed 5. After that, the highest ranked team plays the lowest ranked team that's won the previous week. However, my winter hockey league has six teams, but they're guaranteeing each team […]

I'm used to, on my Mac, queuing up commands when I know a dialog will appear. For example, I'll hit a keystroke that requires confirmation and hit the "enter" key very quickly. In Windows, lately, I've been hitting the delete key to move a file to whatever the Trash in XP is called and hitting […]


Ha! I don't believe the adage "cheaters never win" applies here, because the Patriots won 18 times this year, but given that they'd make the playoffs and even that they'd win 18 times, I couldn't have scripted it better than a loss in the Super Bowl. The last three QBs to win the Super Bowl […]

Gaming Day

Today's plan: play a lot of games. All day. Carey's going to scrapbook. Tomorrow: reading day, probably. P.S. Thanks to those who have visited the Photo Battle Blog. Subscribe and vote daily, please.

New Photo Battle Blog

I'll keep this short and sweet: I've started a "photo battle blog" here: Two pictures are posted daily by two people (one of them me). You can click the images to view them at their full size (800 x whatever) and then click a button below to vote for the one you prefer. Please, […]