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Archive for February, 2008

Apple’s Retarded Wifi Lineup

I described my network setup in a previous post, so I won't do it again. My Time Capsule will arrive shortly, and though I was quite eager to begin using it, I am no longer. Why? Because I remembered that my AirPort Expresses ((Only one of which I really need to continue using.)) are 802.11g. […]

Better Photography Tips

I skimmed a book in Barnes and Noble and wrote down quite a few tips. The book was How to Photograph Your Life and the concept was that the author used what amounted to a point-and-shoot camera to photograph the images. He'd usually show you an example of a "bad" photo, then an example of […]

Unpacking in a New School

My wife is spending time packing up boxes and will soon be unpacking them… in her new school (J.S. Wilson Middle School). I got a tour of the place last week and it's pretty impressive. Still, some boneheaded moves were made: the science room has no floor outlets, so the microscopes must now be battery […]

Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor

I adore my Canon 5D, but at the same time, my 70-200 2.8L IS would be a 320 2.8L IS (("effectively")) on the long end with a 1.6x crop camera. If I had an extra $1500 and nothing better to buy, I'd add a 40D in a heartbeat for the extra speed and reach if […]

*Book: Old vs. New

Old New -------------- -------------- Name PowerBook MacBook Pro Screen 12" Matte 15" Widescreen Matte Processor 867 MHz G4 2.5 GHz Core 2 Duo RAM 768 MB 4 GB Hard Drive 60 GB, 4200 RPM 200 GB, 7200 RPM Optical Combo Drive* Dual-Layer 8x SuperDrive Keyboard Not Backlit Backlit Trackpad Not Multitouch Multitouch Wireless 802.11g 802.11n […]

2008 Birthday Wish List

Things I wouldn't mind getting for my birthday this year include: Think Tank AirPort International rolling case Canon BG-E4 Vertical Grip/Battery Holder for Canon 5D ($220) Another BP-511A Li-ION Battery (for same, $50!) Really Right Stuff BGE4-L L-Plate (for same, $183) Some lens bag for the 300/2.8 L IS (more research needed, ~$40) World Peace […]

UDSLR Update

If you're well beyond the "beginner" phase in photography, have a little free time to work on a project that could be fairly successful (($$$)), and the interest in combining those two things, get ahold of me ((Preferably via AOL IM - see contact info to the right.)). I've recently re-thought a lot of the […]

Later this week I expect a Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM lens to arrive at my house. It should come with a 1.4x teleconverter and a drop-in circular polarizing filter ((Canon makes the only one?)). The 300/2.8 is perhaps one of the finest lenses Canon makes. Its average overall rating is a perfect 10 […]

Delicious Cut and Run

I agree with most of what Matt Ball has to say in this article. The people of whom he speaks seem to develop software because they feel they can make money from it, not because they personally need the software. Building software you yourself would and do use is one of the keys to long-term […]

SQL Help for Photo Battle Blog

The Photo Battle Blog keeps a simple table that contains the IP address, the vote choice ("1" or "2"), and the post_id. I'd like to add a feature to the plugin that drives the entire process that allows me to get some statistics. I've already written up the code to generate the easy statistic: total […]

My First HDR Shot

This is simply an experiment, but one I'd call relatively successful. I took three exposures of the local Outback near my house. The scene has a wide range of light and dark tones, and thus was suitable for an HDR technique. The three images (+/- 2 stops) are included along the top row. I picked […]

Aperture 2.0’s Hue Selector

Sometimes Aperture 2.0's hue selector yields some surprising results. Moving around within this bright sun, I can grab just about every color: blues, yellows, greens, reds, oranges, purples… That makes sense, and should serve as a warning: don't try to select hues in super-bright or super-dark areas, or you'll get similarly surprising results. You can […]


{democracy:31} I haven't used a mousepad since… my first laser optical mouse in… 1999? 2000?

John Gruber attributes this quote to Emerson We postpone our literary work until we have more ripeness and skill to write, and we one day discover that our literary talent was a youthful effervescence which we have now lost. From his recent interview.

Aperture 2.0 Arrives

Aperture 2.0 arrived today. The upgrade process went smoothly until Aperture began updating previews. I would rather it have given a progress bar and insisted it do that work modally rather than as a background task. The app was unusable during that time anyway. FlickrExport fortunately works with 2.0 out of the box, and I've […]