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Archive for January, 2009

Cold Weather

I live in Erie, PA so I'm fairly used to cold weather. -7, though, is rare even here in Erie. Photo taken on the iPhone while driving to the DMV. Got my (re)new(ed) license today.

Preferences Safari Needs

Hidden or otherwise: Ignore target="_blank". Don't allow websites to modify window (resize, hide status bar, etc.). Block popups on all sites except… ((I never remember to turn it off the first time I try to print a mailing label at More tk… suggest your own in the forum.

Changed the Favicon

I've changed this site's favicon. It's no longer the old FSS orange: it's now the Rivet icon which I've appropriated for a few other places, too: my Twitter icon, my chat bubbles (in comments here), and a few other forums.

Twitter Usernames

140 characters is not much to work with. Keep your Twitter names short. @ replies suck when you're wasting 20 characters on a username. BTW, mine's "iacas." But that falls under "duh." Follow me if you'd like - I'll probably follow you if I have any clue who you are or if you live in […]

iTunes Plus $0.30 Upgrades

I'd summarize my points here, but, eh, I don't really want to spend that time. Instead, just head on over to Khoi's pad and check out the discussion. I've posted a few comments, as has Glenn Fleishman. Add yours.


U = University DSLR = digital single lens reflex Given that, and the logo you see to the right (which can go either way), which do you like more? {democracy:47}

For awhile now, we've noticed that iTunes Plus songs - despite being "AAC files" according to Apple - will not play on the Xbox 360 when streamed from Rivet. There were work-arounds. Primary among these was choosing "Convert to AAC" from within iTunes. This method has the unfortunate side effects of re-encoding and re-compressing the […]

Subscribe to Comments (Again)

It's good to see that users are getting the excellent "Subscribe to Comments" plugin. I think comment reply notification is one of the most critical things you can add to a blog. Sure, people can check back to see more comments or, on some systems, subscribe to that post's comment feed, but both of […]

Two Annoying Time Machine Habits

On My PowerMacBook Pro, when I wake it up, it takes a little while to grab the 802.11n connection from the Time Capsule that serves as its base station and its place of backup. Unfortunately, in the ten seconds acquisition takes, Time Machine tries - and fails - to start a backup. Why can't it […]

Nik Software for Aperture

I've written about it before, but I've finally had a chance to play around with some images using the various plugins available in Nik Software's Complete Collection for Aperture. It's a steal at $299.95! I've spent a little time today watching the many, many, many tutorials available. If you're unsure about the plugins, download them, […]

Final MWSF Thoughts

iLife '09: Couldn't care less about iMovie. Don't use it. Haven't for years. iPhoto - I use Aperture for my "serious" shots - iPhoto is the dumping ground for the photos Carey takes with the P&S. Will I have to go back and add "places" and "faces" to everything? I hope not. How many cameras […]

I'm pretty annoyed right now. How much of that has to do with the Pittsburgh Penguins and how much of has to do with what I'm about to write about, I don't know… A friend of mine just started a photoblog, and I commented that he should include the EXIF information in his photos so […]

I've just renewed my driver's license online. I guess I'll get a "camera card" in the mail eventually, will take that to the DMV, and they'll give me a license. And only $26! I got my last license in 2005 around my birthday. Licenses in PA expire the day after your birthday (March 23, so, […]

Zack and Miri

By far, the worst movie Kevin Smith's made ((Well, at least that I can think of off the top of my head.)). The best part was seeing Elizabeth Banks in a classic blue Penguins jersey. Maybe she should try out for them - they couldn't get much worse lately ((They'll pull through the slump.)). I […]

JPG Mag Closing Doors

JPG Magazine is closing its doors. The website isn't even going to last a week - it closes January 5, 2008. The last issue I got was issue 19. I'm a paid subscriber through issue 31. Neither the website nor the form letter I got tells me that I'm going to be reimbursed for my […]