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Archive for January, 2009

Backing Up to Amazon S3

I've heard of people using Amazon S3 to backup their home computers, and I've looked into doing this a few times… but isn't it incredibly expensive? I just checked and I have 1050 GB I'd like to back up to another location (beyond the one on-site and one off-site location I have now). Storage is […]

WebKit vs. Safari

John Gruber writes up a method for invoking the same AppleScript on Safari and WebKit. That's all well and good, but it reminds me of one of my annoyances. You see, I wouldn't mind running WebKit nightly builds, but I don't want to run Safari and WebKit at the same time. It'd be nice if […]

Who Develops This Shit?

Today I received two 8 GB SanDisk Extreme IV CompactFlash cards. As has become custom lately, they came with a CD that has some file recovery software on it should you, I dunno, format your card before you import your images or something. I've never had a need for them, but since the apps tend […]

Internet Newspapers (in 1981)

From A Photo Editor.

iPhoto ’09 and Faces

iLife '09 arrived today. I "paid" only for the free FedEx Ground shipping, but Apple nicely upgraded me to overnight shipping. So far, I've tagged about 1250 photos ((All of our point-and-shoot images go there, as well as a few thousand I took with my Digital Rebel(s).)) with names, and my random observations are: iPhoto […]

I really couldn't care less that T-Shirt Hell is closing. In my opinion, their shirts weren't so much funny as they were shocking. While I think an occasional shock is good, on the whole, the shirts did more to encourage negative vibes than positive ones, and it's for that reason that I never bought a […]

Numbers: 6, 9, 18, 5, and So on

On microwaves, I prefer multiples of 9. I'll type "63" seconds instead of 1 minute. If I need to stop something, I try to do so at a multiple of 9. Golf is a game played over 9 or 18 holes (or multiples thereof), so it's all good - multiples of both 9 and, for […]

Happy 25th, Mac

Somehow, "25 years of the Mac" isn't anywhere near as surprising as "over eight years of Mac OS X." I say eight years because, like many people, I was using DP4 as my main OS. I think I kept Classic around for awhile, but resisted the urge to use it for anything but the occasional […]

ClickToFlash for Safari

I'd like to thank Steven Frank for posting the link to ClickToFlash ClickToFlash, a Safari plugin that prevents the loading of Flash content until you click it. I shared this plugin's location with John Gruber and he noted that he was seeing low single-percentage CPU usage with 30 Safari tabs open. In my own tests, […]

I'm pleased to announce the release of Rivet 2.0, a free upgrade to all Rivet 1.0 customers and a product that's holding steady at its $18.95 price despite the doubling of its feature set. Rivet 2.0 supports both the Xbox 360 and the PS3! In addition to supporting the PS3, this release has several other […]

Greyscale Image

If you can see each of the shades of grey (black/white) to the right, congratulations: your display is at least moderately well calibrated. Yeah, I've got nothing to say today. Too busy.


I didn't watch the inauguration today, and I was surprised at how many people did. I love to watch history in the making, but history in this case was made back in November, not today. Today was but a formality.

Florio of PFT objects to the playing of music while players were injured at Heinz Field yesterday. Call it making something out of nothing. Call it overly PC. I call it "Florio knows how many Steelers fans there are and he's trolling for hits." The fans were respectfully silent. They wished Willis "good luck" and […]

Super Bowl XLIII

"Pittsburgh's goin' to the Super Bowl. Here we go…" Brad's a Cardinals fan, and I'm a Steelers fan, so I suspect we might do something fun and Super-Bowl-related with Cynical Peak. Stay tuned. P.S. If they fire Bruce Arians between now and February 1, I wouldn't mind.

I just found this today, and it reminded me that I've wanted to get this post out for awhile now. But first, 8:00 of your time.