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Archive for May, 2010

I'm a dope. I just now realized that my HP LaserJet 1320 (it's been a great printer for our house) can print on both sides of a sheet of paper. D'oh. That'll save me over 60 sheets of paper when I finally print my pre-qualifying level courses for the PGA program.


I used to joke that I spoke three: English, American, and French. {democracy:72} Programming languages do not count. 🙂

V Lock

You know that feeling you get when you see an invention and think "Why didn't I think of that?" The V Lock is one of those ideas. Car keys that just contain a memory chip and sit inside what amounts to a digital card reader with an "On" button nearby are another. The latter, however, […]

The Talent Code

I've been reading the book The Talent Code and have recently finished. The basic idea is that talent - skill - is something we can all learn, and that the best way to do so is via what the author dubbed "deep practice." Deep practice involves taking things in chunks, going slowly (often, but not […]

Iron Baby

My wife's computer - a MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008) - has recently had a hard time with the AirPort card. After waking it from a sleep once, she told me that she couldn't connect. The network settings said the AirPort was off, but clicking "On" didn't do anything. She's running 10.6.3. I tried creating […]

What You Praise

From pages 135 and 136 of The Talent Code: First, Dweck gave every child a test that consisted of fairly easy puzzles. Afterward, the researcher informed all of the children of their scores, adding a single six-word sentence of praise. Half of the kids were praised for their intelligence ("You must be smart at this."), […]

Five Guys to Erie

Five Guys (Burgers and Fries) is apparently coming to Erie. Along with Chipotle, yippeee!!!! The food options in Erie were just upgraded about 2000%.

I Passed the PAT

According to Chuck Evans, only 2% of people pass the PAT (Playing Ability Test) the first time they attempt it. Only 50% who ever attempt it eventually pass… ever. I can now count myself among the 50% who pass. And, I'm pleased to say, among the 2% who pass the first time. I took my […]

Large MySQL Databases

I'll search the web later for answers, but I thought I'd put this up now and see if anyone had any more directed things so I could narrow my focus a bit. I have a MySQL database that's now 1 GB in size. It has 235 tables, the largest four of which are 263.0 MiB, […]

PAT Coming Up Soon

I have my Playing Ability Test in a few days. I'm anxious. I'm not competing against other people, and the forecast is for 45 degrees or so with rain and a good amount of wind, which will simply make shooting the appropriate score much more difficult. I've seen the course once - we played a […]

ClickToFlash Dead?

Is ClickToFlash dead? Where are the updates? I know there are a few later betas to be found in the forum, but momentum for the main page of the site has completely halted lately. 1.6b9 has issues. 1.5.5 isn't great either. C'mon, Wolf (et al). 🙂

The way I see it, Mac application icons fit into roughly four categories. 1. Object + Tool These icons are the simplest and, I believe, the most commonly used. An icon in this category is often represented as the object on which work is done and the tool with which the work is accomplished. For […]


AirPortLocation is a pretty nifty utility that can change a lot of preference settings depending on your physical location. I'm using it because at home my MacBook Pro uses a pre-determined IP address while at the Golf Evolution studio I use whatever DHCP address the Verizon MiFi assigns to my computer. I'll also use it […]

Two questions for those who may have done this type of thing before: Question One: Cost Is wood flooring - real wood - worth the cost over laminate flooring? We're looking at installing this in a bedroom. Question Two: Ease How easy is it to install wood or laminate flooring? Is one easier than the […]