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Archive for December, 2010

James Van Der Meme

If you've seen this GIF before: Then this video might be funny to you, as well as this: I can't help but notice that something's been lost, though:

Mexican Coke at Sam’s Club

For awhile now I've known that Costco carries Mexican Coke. There's no Costco in Erie - just a Sam's Club. Well just about a week ago, I discovered that Sam's Club is now carrying Mexican Coke. I'm not sure if it's a limited-time thing ((It probably is. Which will be sad. Please please please don't […]

Common Misconceptions

Wikipedia's List of Common MIsconceptions is a good read for everyone. I know most of them, and some are "common sense" if you have a little knowledge and time to think about the concept (like the idea of a black hole having no more sucking power than the star that was there before it - […]

Gee, didn't the same thing happen last year? Yep. Here's the new pricing. We're still on the old "Total Choice Plus" at $61.49. We pay $10 for HD access, $7 for DVR, and $3 for Whole-Home DVR service. We pay $5 each for a Leased receiver and a Primary leased receiver. We're still getting a […]

Seriously? A special edition car made after a video game, complete with hood decals and whatnot? I could see wanting one (or being given one) if you wrote the game or were somehow involved in its creation, but who on earth would want to buy a car because they like a video game? Please don't […]

Ceiling Leak and New Toilets

Earlier this year Carey noticed a little spot on our ceiling in our living room. I investigated and couldn't find much of anything - perhaps the stain had always been there and we'd just not really noticed? At Christmas the stain was a little worse, and so with the help of Rich and Stan we […]

Time-Warner/Roadrunner DNS

I've been reading that using Google's DNS servers can cause slow-downs with some types of traffic. Hmmmm… not cool. Anyway, as a precaution should I encounter this, I tried to find my Time-Warner (Roadrunner, NE Ohio section) DNS setttings and, well, I have no idea what they are. I spent a good five minutes looking […]

The problem with having Christmas a day early is that on Christmas day, you've got nothing to do. You can't go out to eat, you can't shop, you can't call people and chat because they're celebrating their Christmas… No worries, though - I'm going to start in on my Vince Flynn book Term Limits.

Christmas a Day Early

For various scheduling reasons, we're having Christmas a day early this year at our house. It will allow the most people to be here and everyone's off, so why not? And, on the off chance (i.e. Brandon forgetting to bring his dip) that someone forgets something, stores are still open to sell it to us. […]

CSS Positioning Brain Fart

I think I'm having a brain fart of some kind. Have a look at this page: (which may not exist after I solve the problem) and maybe you'll see what I'm apparently too mentally gassy to get: what can I do to make the "Signature" align with the bottom of the blue frame it's […]


I've joined Shelfari and, though it's still too early to tell if I'm going to use it frequently, I plan to and hope you'll sign up and be a friend. Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog Find new books and literate friends with Shelfari, the online book club.

Wife’s New CR-V

So despite what some people seemed to think based on this post :-), the Honda CR-V was the clear-cut winner. The main reason? We prefer to keep our cars for about eight years, and in eight years someone who lives in our house will be 16, so we bought her a car too. The Kia […]

When Safari Crashes…

… and it doesn't happen frequently, mind you, but when it does, why does it often take minutes for it to be able to reconnect to websites? Other things can connect - I can ping sites in Terminal - but Safari sputters and refuses to connect to even for seconds or even minutes sometimes.


So many things wrong here, not the least of which is the sign, of course. This woman apparently doesn't know that people only hold up cut-outs of the letter "D" and a picture of a "fence" because "D""fence" is a homophone of "defense." Or maybe she really does need someone to de-fence her yard. Or […]

Honda CR-V vs. Kia Sorento

Top models - leather, navigation, Bluetooth, etc. for both - is what it's come down to for Carey. Sorento Plusses --------------- - keyless entry/ignition - V6 engine - third row of seats - included roof rack - Sportmatic shifting - panoramic sunroof - longer warranty CR-V Plusses ------------ - less expensive (~$1600) - voice-activated commands […]