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Archive for December, 2010

Car Research

Today's a car research day for me. I'm plotting charts showing the business hours that car dealers are open today and tomorrow. I'm writing down reviews and safety ratings. I'm printing PDFs of invoice cost charts. It's Carey's decision in the end and as I said, she can't go wrong with any of the four […]


Amazing (if true, and it seems to be):

Visited Some Car Dealers

As Carey is in need of a new car, we spent a little time today driving around to visit some local car dealers to sit in some cars (no test drives yet!!!) after we revisited D'Amico to retrieve our forgotten garage door opener. At the Kia dealership we looked at the Sorento. We'd later add […]

Picking Up the Pieces

Following yesterday's crash, Carey spoke with our insurance company and the police and several other people. After one false start, we located our car at D'Amico. This image says a lot, I think, about not only the damage the car sustained but also how fortunate we are that Carey seems to be major-injury free: We […]

Crash Boom Bang

I spoke to Carey as she was leaving school today, and then she called again at about 3:26, crying and sobbing and screaming. I couldn't understand most of what she said, but I did hear "Nat" and "bus" and "hit me" and "my car" and perhaps "obliterated ((I love that my wife uses the word […]


This seems to be a consistent problem with a certain portion of white collar (or perhaps no-collar) work force: an inability to think rationally, honor your word, and to not break the contract they propose and to which they agree. It's simply ridiculous how much time and energy I've wasted, my partners have wasted, and […]

Skating, Scoring, and Scrapping

Nat and I went skating at JMC today. She still has the adjustable skates (single blade - none of that "training" nonsense) and though we eventually moved them from 9 to 10 (they go up to 12) to give her a bit more wiggle room, they worked out well. Nat did incredibly awesome for her […]

Streakin’ Pens

The Penguins have won 12 games in a row and are 13-0-1 in their last 14 games. That said, I think they face a stiff challenge against the Flyers tomorrow night. It's in Philly (though they're 0-2 against the Flyers in Pittsburgh and 1-0 in Philly), their play has gotten a little tired lately, and […]

Analyzr Coming Along

Still set for an early January 2011 release, Analyzr is coming along quite nicely. Within the next few weeks we'll have the website finished (it's started as a Photoshop document at this point), we'll figure out what we want to do with our licensing scheme, we'll set up our FastSpring store, we'll set up an […]

Huddler Transition Next Week

The Sand Trap .com is switching to the Huddler platform next week. Wednesday is our target date. I expect that the road will be bumpy. There are a LOT of things I don't like about the forum software they've got, BUT they're willing to listen and my odds of getting a feature through are about […]

Slow Going

It's the dead of winter and I've not made much progress on my PGA learning stuff. We're trying to get Analyzr shipping ASAP (still on target for early January, 2011), and that's taking up an inordinate amount of time. Also, The Sand Trap is converting to Huddler next week, so that is taking up time […]


A Mac application we're building includes the ability to download YouTube videos, and though we've previously written our own Objective-C code to do this, we're thinking of using this python script, youtube-dl to handle a lot of the process. I believe we'd rip out (or modify) the script to simply take in a YouTube URL […]

Susan Kare Original Mac Prints

Oooooh, awesome! I'm thinking that one of these and of course one of these at a minimum. And since I'll likely find a way to acquire those, those who love me might want to look at this or this in the 17" x 22" sizes... 😉 Very cool, anyway. Even if I don't have the […]

Sign Up for Dropbox

If you sign up for Dropbox - and you definitely should, if you have not already - then please use this link:

A really nice job that shows off the fact that a feeling I've had for awhile now is true - that the online Apple Store is getting super-cluttered. Worth checking out, along with this post about Google Maps. Gonna have to subscribe to the blog.