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Archive for April, 2011

Plug-in Failure

Ahh. Flash. How we love thee. Scourge.


So we're looking at getting a new roof installed. Any tips on how to suss out a good roofer?

Donald Trump for President


Continued MobileMe Sync Issues

I'm having two issues with MobileMe's sync. The first is that on my laptop I cannot remove "" from MobileMe. I don't know why - and Syncrospector fails to help me remove it. I've reset MobileMe as much as I can, cleared caches, etc. Here are two screenshots that may help: MobileMe and Syncrospector. Clicking […]


I love me some A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

Great day. One of these days the weather will be as good as the information and our students. 😉

Though this message is for the gay/lesbian folks out there, the core message applies to everyone: I will admit I've not cared for the "special treatment" gays, lesbians, African Americans, etc. seem to want to get while declaring that they want "no special treatment." We have an NAACP, but an NAAWP would cause a shitstorm […]

AimPoint Combo Read

Mark Sweeney at MIT Conference

AimPoint on Golf Channel

Both balls lie on either zide of a curved zero line which runs through the low anchor in the middle. Both putt are aimed/ hit straight at the hole showing how the first put misses to the left and how the second put misses to the right. Remember that both putts are missed on either […]

AimPoint – Tilted Crown

Here is one of the hardest putt on this green. At first this putt appears to occur at the 5 o'clock position on a planar surface. In actuality this is a tilted crown. The first putt appears to break up hill. The second putt shows how the putt changes direction once it crosses over the […]

Five minutes long, but worth it. 🙂 6-12 inches is the ideal speed, but if you're going to watch The Masters at Augusta National, some putts will still have a really wide hole but roll out a few feet past the cup.