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Archive for March, 2012

How Many Login Items Do You Have?

How many Login items do you have on your Mac? I have, if I am capable of counting this high, 13:

Five Miles

I ran five miles today. Farthest I've run, and frankly, it was nowhere near as terrible as I thought it might be. The key is simply to have the right kind of distraction. 🙂 If I run 1 and 3 miles Friday and Saturday, I should hit 200 miles total on Sunday since joining DailyMile […]

I blame this review. Dammit. I won't be getting one, though. My Mark II (and, heck, the original 5D I have) are still great cameras. But I have $4k set aside for something - a new Mac Pro, most likely - but if Apple officially kills that line (goodness I hope not!) or something, then […]

Running Boxers Typo

I got two pair of running boxers at Sam's Club for $4.81 total. My first run in them went pretty well. As I was putting the pair in the wash, I noticed this bit of Chinglish (or a typo) and decided to take a picture.

9-Year Old Ski Jump

This video is making the rounds. It shows a helmet cam view of a fourth grader trying a larger ski jump for the first time. Make sure you have the audio on.

Still haven't finished a bottle. And the next morning after my three glasses, I've woken up with a teeny tiny hangover. 🙂

Not a Better Winter

With highs reaching the 70s in the next week and winter pretty much behind us, I must say: I couldn't have picked a better winter to start running. Seriously. I think we're going to cancel our YMCA membership soon. Maybe we'll resume it next fall because I hate the treadmill that much, and at least […]

I can move my knee well outside of my toes and lift my big toe up farther than 45°. Can you (even if you have no plans to run at all)?

In the weeks leading up to the event, I'd mentally prepared myself to finally buy an iPad. I think now I'm leaning the other way, towards still not owning an iPad. We're a family of three, and we have more iPods than I can count (I regularly use three myself if you include the one […]

Instagram – the New Blog

People used to post pictures of their cats and what they had for lunch on their blogs. Then Twitter came about, and people used that to post pictures of their cats and tell everyone what they had for lunch. Now, we have Instagram for that. What's next in the cats/lunch series of technology?

GT Rebound and a New Bike

My wife is looking at buying a new bike. Her current one is a heavy GT model from Dick's Sporting Goods, and she's just about fed up with it. She's leaning towards the Trek 7.3. It's a "hybrid" but more of a road bike than anything, with thin tires and relatively low weight so she […]

Tempted to Buy this Keyboard

The Matias Tactile Pro is not only an "old school" keyboard for the Mac, but with the press of a button it becomes a keyboard which will type on your iPhone. Sweet - I do a lot of typing here on my Mac Pro and will get texts or whatnot from friends. $200, though? Bah. […]

Aha! I've finally figured out why MarsEdit will sometimes post something as "today" when I change the date to a few days ago. Here are the steps: cmd-opt-L1 Tab, type the number "3" (changing "8" to "3" for the date) Press enter or return. The problem? The cell doesn't end editing so the date never […]

Waiting on the Mac Pro Update

I'm now solidly in the "Will Buy a New Mac Pro when They're Announced" camp. 580+ days and counting. C'mon, Apple. I'm not buying an iMac.