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2007 NSLog(); Blogging Stats

As I did last year, here are the results of my 2007 blogging. 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- Posts 493 560 940 993 1335 68 Comments 2961 2832 4956 7104 5491 9 Ratio 6.01 5.06 5.27 7.15 4.11 0.13 Comments 2961 2832 4956 7104 5491 9 My Comments […]

Anonymous Comments

I've never really allowed anonymous comments. This pretty much sums it up.

Switched Back to ecto

Since shortly after MarsEdit 2.0's release, I switched to using it as my primary blog editor, occasionally substituting only the web interface on my primarily MarsEdit-powered blogs. However, I grew increasingly annoyed at several of MarsEdit's "issues" and have been using ecto 3.0 betas rather comfortably for well over a month now. MarsEdit can't handle […]

Announcing Agnostic Gamers

The gaming blog I've mentioned once or twice already is now ready for public consumption. The site is called "Agnostic Gamers" because we're not tied to any one console or platform. I've got a Nintendo DS Lite (and a DS somewhere) that I haven't played in months, a Wii I still mostly play Wii Sports […]

Cylon Sucks

I too got a few of the Cylon emails Jesper writes about, and I too quickly threw them in the trash. Cylon is scum.

Seeking Gamers for a Blog

I'm looking for some fellow gamers who are interested in writing for a blog I've started with a pal. We don't have any massive plans right now - we're just looking for an outlet to write about games without cluttering up our personal blogs. But hey, I've started websites in the past without any real […]

My Blog is Five!

My blog is, today, five years old. In five years of blogging, I've posted at least one article every day. Whoopty doo.

Gaming Blog Coming Soon

I've had a lot of random thoughts about gaming lately, and so I'm going to start a little "group blog" with some online gaming buddies of mine. I'll update this entry with more, but we've got the domain picked out and I'm working on the blog's design. Should be done late Sunday night. We'll discuss […]

The WordPress plugin "Bad Behavior" seems to be malfunctioning today. I was blocked from my admin area and so were the admins of a few other WordPress blogs I know of. Email to the Bad Behavior folks bounced, and the software is still at version 2.0.10 despite promises several months ago of upcoming 2.1 and […]

ShareThis 2.0

ShareThis 2.0 is now available. I did a trial run, but the current version is a big step backwards in my book. It ignores several of the top-ranked items in the "optimizing website performance" video I watched a few days ago1 and it's far less customizable than 1.4 - simply unacceptable for an upgrade. 1.4 […]

Halloween Header

Today, since Halloween always falls on October 31, my header is a Halloween image. No rotating images today… just the one. I can't1 do this for holidays like Thanksgiving. I can for Christmas, my birthday, etc. Happy Halloween! I'm dressed as a geek. Go figure. 🙂 P.S. If I had a pumpkin to carve this […]

WordPress 2.3 Compatibility

This blog is now running WordPress 2.3. So far, everything seems to be running smoothly, even with the massive number of plugins I use. My two plugins also seem to work. There are still two hacks I still have to make to the code: one adjusts the kses properties and the other "fixes" the uploading […]

A Few Weeks with MarsEdit

I've been using MarsEdit since shortly before version 2.0 was released. Though I think Daniel did a fantastic job updating the application, I've hit a few bumps in switching over from ecto. Some of the things I'm not quite used to in MarsEdit (outside of the new keyboard shortcuts) include: The post window stays up […]

The Posts that Get the Comments

You know, I always find it interesting which posts get the most comments. Four of my posts have a fair amount of comments and average a comment roughly once every day or two. They are: Sylvan Learning Center Rips off Teachers (144 comments, the later half of which has veered greatly from the original post's […]

WordPress Category Parents

Imagine I have a blog which has nested categories. Category "C" is a child of category "B," which is itself a child of category "A." I can draw this up as A > B > C > D. I'd like to get the category ID for the original parent ("A" in this case), yet WordPress […]