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Don Imus Fired

I may have more to say on this later, but for now, just a poll. {democracy:11}

Launchbar vs. QuickSilver

I use LaunchBar. It does all I need - quickly launch things or allow me to drag and drop. I can even add items to the party shuffle (though I wish I could disable certain functions, like "play" and a lot of the other iTunes shortcut). {democracy:10}

I despise - absolutely despise - feeds advertised as "RSS" which are actually Atom feeds. Oftentimes, FeedBurner factors into the equation. If you're going to list a few varieties of feeds, ostensibly letting people choose which format they'd like, I say you provide that freakin' format. Don't switch it on the back end. Why? Because […]

Today’s Post

One of the habits I got into was writing something every day on my blog, and usually not just some "I posted" type of post, but something with at least a little meat or which is a little interesting. Today I wrote something, but will not be publishing it for some time. The executive summary: […]

I've received a few comments on my random header images script. One person wrote today asking me to share my "howto," as his method doesn't work with WP-Cache. This should be fairly easy, so, here goes. The trick to getting random content in WP-Cache is simple: the use of an "mclude" comment. Since my sites […]

Something I have to look into sooner or later: the order in which Subscribe to Comments and Live Comment Preview output their data/controls is bad. StC puts its "subscribe" checkbox after LCP's preview text. Thus, the longer someone's comment is (and the more likely they want to subscribe to see if anyone's followed up), the […]

A few minutes ago, I received an email from "Dave S" of "ReputationDefender, Inc." In short, the email requested that I remove a comment by Julian on a very old entry. I was asked to make this change because "he considers his comments to be outdated" and that complying would "go a long way to […]

With the recent news that MarsEdit has been acquired by Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater, now is definitely the time for ecto to step up to the plate and begin to deliver solid updates (progressing into the beta) of version 3.0. I've used ecto for a long, long time. I like the way it works. […]

In WordPress 2.1, I encountered a few problems uploading images. One of the problems was solved with a plugin that disables the creation of a thumbnail. Two others are solved with a nightly cron job. The last problem - renaming of images and ignoring of specified paths - was solved by commenting out $name = […]

Feed Scuttling

I recently tried to subscribe to the RSS feeds at only to find out that despite listing the feeds in the source (right where you'd expect them) and providing multiple formats, they all simply redirect to an Atom feed. Don't advertise a feed as RSS 2.0 or RSS 1.0, then secretly scuttle users to […]

Gravatar Now Available

If you're looking to get a gravatar, you can now do so. has re-launched and is now a "version 2.0" product. Some of you may have noticed your gravatars appearing next to comments here on my site, and it's true: they do. So, go ahead and get yerself a gravatar. It's (still) free. I […]

Backwards Comments

I despise comments posted "backwards" - with the newest comments at the top. The O'Reilly blogs do this and it absolutely drives me nuts. Not only do people read top to bottom, meaning they have to then scan over text they've already read and past text they've not yet read to get to the next […]

As I wrote yesterday, WordPress 2.1 severely breaks image uploading in several ways: It automatically creates thumbnails I don't want (or need). It ignores path components and instead appends the path to the filename. It creates unnecessary (or unwanted) data in the wp_postmeta table. It creates unnecessary (or unwanted) data in the wp_posts table. I […]

WordPress 2.1 has "broken" something I've come to rely on in ecto: the ability to easily upload images. Two problems exist: Thumbnails are automatically created (I don't want them to be) The "/" in the path I specify is ignored. In the case of the second, if I specify photos/ and attempt to upload picture.jpg […]

As I said in an earlier post, WordPress 2.1 breaks ecto, a blog publishing app I and thousands of others use. I wrote to the developer Adriaan, and he's informed me that the fault lies with WordPress 2.1. Here's how. When requesting new information in ecto (via "Refresh"), ecto attempts to retrieve the last 15-20 […]