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Subscribe to Comments (Again)

It's good to see that users are getting the excellent "Subscribe to Comments" plugin. I think comment reply notification is one of the most critical things you can add to a blog. Sure, people can check back to see more comments or, on some systems, subscribe to that post's comment feed, but both of […]

Following yesterday's post, I've resolved to do the third option: "limited edition" type releases in very small number. I'll post three desktops (most months) on the first day of each month. They'll be available that month and that month alone. For January, I've posted six - the "best of," if you will so that everyone […]

Remember that period of time in blogging history when we all shared our playlists? Scripts and applications that maintained our "most recently played 20 songs" online were all the rage. I even wrote a few of my own. Now, not so much. Incidentally: Erik is listening to "Monday Morning" by Fleetwood Mac from the album […]

I just wasted well over an hour upgrading The Sand Trap to WordPress 2.7. The problem appeared as most WordPress errors do: I had a blank page. The twist to this one? Only the home page was blank. Other pages worked just fine. I could set my "About" page to act as the home page […]

WordPress 2.7 Comments

I spent several hours playing with this blog's comments. I used this post as a guide and, in general, had things working quite well. In the end, I've reverted back to my WordPress 2.6 comments template. I simply didn't like the fact that the actual comments block - each comment - was output in pre-defined […]

Happy Birthday, Blog

This blog is now officially six years old. I've posted every day in those six years. Some posts, like this one, were lame. Others were not. My focus has shifted a few times through the years, but one thing has stayed the same: this blog is for and about me. When did you start reading […]

Tweaked the Photoblog

I spent some time today tweaking the photoblog. Chief among the changes was the inclusion of a new Ratings Page. This page (currently) lists the three highest and lowest rated images as well as the five most and least rated images. If I could suggest one thing, it's that you visit the page and vote […]

PixelPost Plugin: PPEndLoop

Due to a comment, I posted PPEndLoop to the Plugins page here at the site. It's a PixelPost plugin - not a WordPress one - and I extended it to have full functionality ((I believe so, anyway - let me know if there's something missing.))

If someone is ever bored and adventurous enough to update the Quoter plugin for WordPress, I'd be very appreciative. One of the biggest problems is that you cannot put <blockquote> tags inside your own comment or they're transformed into a sort of self-referencing quote. I was going to suggest that "fixing" this with a slight […]

Pissed at a Pixelpost Plugin

It's not often I misunderstand what software does, but I'm absolutely furious with the "Image Statistics" addon for Pixelpost. At my photoblog, right after the date, you'll find two numbers in parentheses. The first shows the number of visitors to that image today. The second shows the total number. The software resets itself every month, […]

Changes Made to Photoblog

I made several changes today to my photoblog: Added histogram to the right side. Resized box and comments area to accommodate histogram. Added the category and tags to the left-side "Image Info" area. Re-enabled the "Paged Archive" add-on. Added photoblog to three photoblog site(s). I'd really like to get my site into wider circulation, so […]

WP-Super-Cache: Memory and CPU Hog?

WP-Super-Cache is considered by many to be one of the "must-have" plugins for WordPress. Yet if my recent experience says anything, it's that WP-Super-Cache causes nothing but trouble: it bizarrely interferes with the rendering of pages and it sucks up obscene amounts of CPU time and RAM.

Coming from WordPress, the PixelPost developer community seems bizarrely tiny. There are a fair number of themes out there ((And despite the smaller number of developers, I think there may actually be MORE good-quality templates for PixelPost than for WordPress.)), but the add-ons and modifications are relatively few and far between. An example of this […]

Gates and Seinfeld


I reported a bug to Adriaan of ecto, which helped me to confirm that there's really no bug in ecto, but rather more likely in WordPress. The bug - or at the very least change in behavior - has to do with the manner in which the <--more--> tag is applied when submitting posts via […]