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Individual Archive Re-Des

Slight re-design on my individual archives tonight. Moved the trackbacks to the left menu, took out the popup link for comments since they're below the article, and so on. Next thing will be to rebuild articles when i get a TrackBack, but I'm still concerned about this: If you have a fair amount of faith […]

Rebuilding When Pinged

I'd like my archives (individual, daily, monthly, category) to be rebuilt every time an article gets a TrackBack. I did a search and found this article by Phil Ringnalda, but this sentence is preventing me from doing his hack: If you have a fair amount of faith in the speed of your rebuilds (or in […]

404 Search Function Code

A few days ago I promised that I'd post my 404 Search Function code. Here it is (below). Let me cover a few things first. Initially, I did a preg_match after having done a file(). The file() function returns an array. That's a bit costly, so I just wrap file() with an implode() to give […]

NetPBM + MovableType = Huh?

So, sick of having to fire up Potatoshop for every little image resize, I thought I'd try out MovableType's support for NetPBM. I enabled it in mt.cfg and now I get: Resource temporarily unavailable: write() at /usr/libdata/perl/5.00503/IPC/Run/ line 582 Inside the parentheses in write() is a bunch of gibberish (I imagine the binary data for […]

404 Search Function

Matt and I were rapping earlier today and he mentioned how much he liked's search function ( This just after a discussion about how necessary "Search" is on our blogs. So, putting 3 and 1 together, I came up with a built-in search function of my own. I no longer have a 404 page: […]

Grrrr – Site Organization Favor

Okay, having goofed up something earlier, I decided to forge ahead with the new formatting. Yay. Ugh. You are here because you tried to get to something with "" in the URL. The document you are looking for moved. It still exists, but it was moved. Feel free to use the "Search" on the left […]

Grrrr – Site Organization

I was looking over my blog directory on my server and I realized that I've got about 400 files in one directory (the "archives" directory). Why? Every article goes there. Every category, every daily and monthly archive. Every .xml file for the TrackBack system. I have 282 entries and 396 files in there (prior to […]

MT 2.6.2 and Comments

MovableType 2.6.2 seems to be stripping the smileys from my blog's comments. Just the comments - they work fine in my regular posts: O:-) >:-o 😐 😀 :-O 🙁 B-) 🙂 😛 😉 :-zzz I'm not sure what's going on there: comments are set to "Convert Line Breaks" by default, HTML is turned off, auto-link […]

Problems with

Every post I've made today has generated this error: Ping '' failed: HTTP error: 500 read timeout. MovableType automatically pings Why it's stopped working today is beyond me. Does anyone have any information?

MovableType 2.6

MovableType 2.6 is now available. I've just completed (I think) the upgrade to this site. I had to reset the comment form to include the new style, but otherwise, I just wrote over old files with new files. The upgrade went pretty seamlessly. I don't plan to use the text formatting features (I do use […]

TrackBacks and AutoDiscovery

Ben has an entry here about TrackBack and auto-discovery. Overall, auto-discovery works pretty well. I don't concern myself with finding TrackBack URLs unless I notice a site didn't get pinged. What I dislike, however, is that trackbacks aren't sent within my site. If I link to a previous article, why isn't it sent a TrackBack? […]

Hacking MovableType

The bloke (no, I'm not Australian or British) over at AntiPixel has enabled TrackBacks and forced his articles to rebuild when a trackback is received. So I thought I'd help him out by linking and "pinging" him. He will have been "punged" after this article is posted, if all goes well. Cool, eh? (No, I'm […]

What’s Wrong with Radio Blogs?

I use NetNewsWire (currently Pro betas, though I use absolutely zero of the "Pro" features except for the expanded information available in the article listings) to stay in touch with, oh, 100 blogs or so. I use NNW to locate articles I'd like to read, and because I'm never 100% sure that the "description" being […]

Legalities of Blogging

Beware or you too could get sued! This Washington Post article covers the legalities of blogging, and surmises that because most bloggers don't have a background in publishing, the laws affecting libel and the like are unknown to them. Ignorance does not make you innocent...