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MovableType 3.2b2

This blog is now running MovableType 3.2b2. Some random thoughts (I may edit this list as the day goes by). I like the icons. They're prettier. I'm going to have to get used to where things are in the new system, but overall, the layout seems to make some sense. I dirify my titles, so […]

Acronym Script

This is just a test of some acronym script I've got going here. Let's see if it recognizes DVD or HTML or MP3 or WYSIWYG or some other acronyms like PDF and JPEG and GIF. FAQ? That should be easy. It doesn't seem to work. Even after changing the &lt; and &gt; to < and […]

One Year of Hosting for $9

Found this deal mentioned over here: one year of DreamHost hosting for $9. Go to Dreamhost. Sign up for the Crazy Domain Insane package. Enter the code "777" in the special promotions box (it's near your $ total). That's it! There is no, errr, step four. The total is $119.49 or so, but the discount […]

MovableType 3.2

Does anyone care that MovableType is going to, presumably in about 29 more days or so, be at version 3.2? They're counting down the days (again, presumably) over here, and some of the features look nice. Just this past weekend I was once again burned by what I would consider a massive bug. I deleted […]

Erin and John

I've just been informed by my wife that I'm never to write anything bad about Erin and John on my blog, because "they know where it is now." I can say one nice thing, though: they have a home theater setup with a projector, little theater type seats, a popcorn maker, and a bar. I […]

Neighborhood Blog

Now that I'm a homeowner, I'm very interested in getting to know my neighbors. One of the ways in which I thought to do this was by setting up a "neighborhood blog." The area in which we live is actually quite big, and there aren't any clear delineations, so I thought perhaps the street name […]

Big Ben’s Blog

Ben Roethlisberger's grandfather died recently, and I read about it on his blog. I'll overlook a few of the grammatical mistakes and simply wish Ben the best this year. I have - and always will be - a Steelers fan. I love that an athlete has a blog and that I found out about the […]

Don Yacktman’s Blog

Don Yacktman, long-time NeXTie and now Mac OS X developer, now has a blog. One of his first posts is rather intriguing. It's good to see someone like Don blogging more. And it looks as though he's got some things going on that may increase the likelihood that he'll continue to blog. Very cool.

I'm once again trying AdSense. Not so much for the people that visit regularly - I've tried to tuck them in such a place that you can easily skip them when moving down to the comments section - but more for the people that come here via search terms and aren't quite sure where to […]

I disabled MT-TrackbackAntiSpam as it seems broken. People trying to send me a TrackBack from perfectly valid hosts instead got 403s. So, bye bye MT-TBAS. SpamLookup has been doing well at The Sand Trap, so I may move that over and combine it with MT-Blacklist.

There's quite a bit of blog energy surrounding one local blog lately - "Expose Erie Politicians .com" is run by an anonymous person or group of people. Erie residents like Greg Valiga write about it, saying that the Erie Times gets it right when they say: Some liar -- we don't shrink from this accurate […]

Is it too much to ask that I be given the article title (local and/or remote) instead of the ID? Heck if I know which entry 686 is without looking, and sometimes you can't look because it's hidden underneath the sheet.

Interland Down for Hours

Interland - and all of the sites on it, including all of mine - was down for about six hours today. Lovely, really. Just lovely. They're back now, but suffice to say I'm not too happy that it was down so long. I still can't get email at The Sand Trap. And that's that.

For various reasons, which most of you should be able to guess, the home page to this site - - is now pretty bland. The "home page" continues to exist at index.php, but I updated the DirectoryIndex directive to put index.html ahead of index.php, and index.html is the bland "Erik/Orange/Geek" thing you see now. […]

Days Since/Until

I added a "days since/until" countdown area beneath my picture on the main page only today. Relatively simple: <? function figger($thingy) { $calc = intval(strtotime($thingy)) - todays_strtotime(); if($calc > 0) { echo days_until($thingy); } else echo days_since($thingy); } function days_until($target) { $string = intval((strtotime($target) - todays_strtotime()) / (60 * 60 * 24)); $string .= " […]