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I'm working on an upload script for WordPress and MarsEdit (which I imagine will work pretty smoothly with ecto once I'm done). It's coming along pretty well, but since I can make assumptions about my blog(s) that I can't make about others, I don't know how functional it will be for everyone. I will release […]

Salt on Your Watermelon

No, this isn't a turn of phrase or anything silly. Take it literally: Do you put salt on your watermelon? Yes No View Results I do. Mmm mmm good. I don't know why you'd want to eat it without salt.

Ecto 3 Alpha

Ecto 3 has been released in alpha form, and I'm giving it a try. First, some good things: ecto 3 seems to care more about WordPress than ecto 2, including the addition of a "slug" and a "password" field. I like the new look and I have to believe I'll like the plugin architecture as […]

Ecto 3 and MarsEdit 2

Ecto 3 is due any decade now. I'm reminded of the glacial pace every time Daniel says something about MarsEdit 2.0.

Sunday at the U.S. Open

I sat in the same seat for 14 hours, arriving just past 5:00 in the morning. And it wasn't even the best spot! But it was pretty good, and my notes are here. It will be good to get back and see my family.

Saturday at the U.S. Open

This is the one post I won't just refer to The Sand Trap. 🙂 I didn't write anything Saturday there. I met my cousin at about 7:15 by the second green, and we watched 19 golfers go through the second hole. Masters champ Zach Johnson triple bogeyed after putting in a bunker to get to […]

Friday at the U.S. Open

I spent Friday at the U.S. Open (as I will every day this week except Wednesday) and my observations are here. Executive summary: Steve and I watched seven hours of golf at the first and ninth holes and we saw one birdie. One. Oh, and Phil Mickelson is a silly, whiny man.

U.S. Open Predictions

They're here. I'm going with Tiger… big surprise.

Tuesday at the U.S. Open

Observations from Tuesday are here. Played at Cranberry Highlands this evening. Pace of play was absolutely dreadful. Over five hours for twosomes. Played a scramble on the back nine and, largely on my ball, was -1 until we quit in the middle of 18 because we were sick of waiting and it was getting dark.

Monday at the U.S. Open

Observations can be found here. Unfortunately, I played a golf course called "Alcoma" before going to the U.S. Open. Ugh is all I can say about that.

MovableType 4 Beta


Though I don't assign multiple categories to posts here at, I do at The Sand Trap in two instances: for "Hot Topics" and "Reviews." The former helps me fill out the "Top Stories" section in the sidebar and the latter simply helps me direct people to our reviews (via I discovered in WordPress […]

Since updating to WordPress 2.2, times reported back to my blog editor (be it ecto or MarsEdit) are incorrect. They're the UTC time and not the adjusted time (-4 for me currently). Since ecto and, I presume, other blog editors pass the time along as part of the XMLRPC statement when they're posted, subsequent editing […]

WordPress Hack to Search Pages?

Can WordPress be hacked to search pages as well as blog posts? This functionality would be nice for a site I've recently done at, most of which is built on WordPress pages, and for a site I'm currently working on. A search turns up a bunch of SEO-related pages as well as this plugin […]

Don Imus Fired

I may have more to say on this later, but for now, just a poll. Should Don Imus have been Fired for Saying 'Nappy Headed Hos'? Yes No View Results