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WordPress 2.1

/me twiddles thumbs waiting for WordPress 2.1 to be released.

A Separate Feed

At The Sand Trap, we published a private "full entry" feed so that GolfWRX (one of our partners) could post the content to their forums. Our general subscribers just get the excerpts, of course, so they visit the site and see the ads (and to keep bandwidth down). In MovableType, of course, I just created […]

Two things, both related to The Sand Trap… One: If you're getting this feed and you expect to be getting a feed for The Sand Trap, please update your feeds to point to I mistakenly copied a .htaccess file that redirected users - some permanently - here to my personal blog. Two: I've resolved […]

A few days ago I wrote about a problem I was having with WP-Cache. Cache files were being generated, but none of them were ever being used and the cache counter in the admin area never incremented (it always read zero). After going through my plugins one at a time, the problem was oddly with […]

I've written about my methods for "404 Searching" before, but due to the speed (or lack thereof) with which MovableType handled searches, I disabled the feature entirely. WordPress is much lighter on it feet, or faster afoot, in many ways. I've been able to re-institute the 404 Search under WordPress without noticing much in the […]

WP-Cache Problems

I've encountered some unusual issues with WP-Cache today. I'm using PHP 5.1.4 and MySQL 4.1.21 with WP-Cache 2.0.20 and WordPress 2.0.5. Gzipped content is disabled (Options -> Reading). When I enable caching, cache files are created in wp-content/cache/, but the counters at the bottom of the WP-Cache Manager page always say "0" (cached pages, expired […]

Moving TST

The Sand Trap will be moving DNS servers very soon. I put in the change late last night, and already this morning my own DNS has updated. The server has been running the forum database without any problems for a few days already, so hopefully it will go smoothly.

I'm going to be writing a book this year with a friend. We'd like to write and maintain the book online (because we're likely to publish it that way), and we're looking for software to do it. We thought of using WordPress or another blogging tool, but we want to organize things by chapter, subchapter, […]

My Blogging Years in Review

Inspired by Alex's post, here's a look at my blogging through the years. 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 ---- ---- ----- ---- ---- Posts 560 940 993 1335 68 Comments 2832 4956 7104 5491 9 Ratio 5.06 5.27 7.15 4.11 0.13 Comments 2832 4956 7104 5491 9 My Comments 459 545 749 639 0 Ratio […]

Five Things

Judi tagged me, so here goes nothin'. Five Things you might not know about me: I have a degree in medicinal chemistry (and computer science and French), but I've never been a professional chemist. I like to think that college afforded me the time I needed to learn what I needed to learn. I picked […]

WordPress 2.0.6 RC1 is now available with a few changes and improvements. Word on the street is that WordPress 2.1 is going to be out in early January. I hope most of my installed plugins survive. They don't appear to be doing too many "bad" things, so I think I should be okay. The (dv)3 […]

WP-Cache Somehow Ineffective?

Using Daniel Jalkut's modifications to WP-Cache, I unfortunately found that my results were nowhere near as good as his: <!-- Dynamic Page Served (once) in 0.191 seconds --> <!-- Cached page served by WP-Cache in 0.198077 seconds --> Troubleshooting was a two-step process. First, I disabled the two dynamic portions of this site: the random […]

WP Tiger Admin 3.0

I've found WP-Tiger Admin to be one of the most useful plugins in my WordPress installation. It was just updated to version 3.0 and it looks even more gorgeous than before. I've kicked $10 to the author of the plugin as a small show of my gratitude.

It turns out I'm going to have to wait to help a friend import from Blogger to WordPress. He has Blogger Beta, unfortunately, and the work-arounds are either too complex or too incomplete. I'm hopeful that the WordPress 2.1 release can import from Blogger Beta - including comments, though this ticket - which remains without […]

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