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Say Goodbye to the Floppy

Dell is finally getting rid of the floppy drive on its Dimension computers. I can't remember the last time I saw a floppy disk, let alone used one. I think the last time I used one it was to prop open a door from locking a few years ago in college. Way to go Dell! […]

From this entry at the unusually named "Better Living Through Software" (the guy is a Microsoft employee) comes this quote: Many geeks like to point out "sysadmins who haven't updated their patches for six months" as the cause of worm outbreaks like this. If everyone had updated their patches within the last six months, this […]

Stupid Torvalds

I love finding quotes that show just how clueless otherwise smart people can be: "In my opinion, shareware tends to combine the worst of commercial software (no sources) with the worst of free software (no finishing touches). I simply do not believe in the shareware market at all." -- Linus Torvalds, 1998 At least he […]

David Hyatt's recent blog entry on RSS aggregators, NetNewsWire, and Safari touched off an interesting little debate that I'd like to take further and perhaps broaden. But first, I'd like to state my understanding of a few things. David is not saying Safari will add RSS aggregating capabilities. He's just broached the subject in public, […]

Without the Mouse

It struck me today while reading an article about Douglas Englebart and his mouse how different the world might be if ol' Dougie had patented his mouse. Surely Fruit Company would have paid him, right? After all, they first used it on a $10,000 computer. Surely they would have? Right? I don't know…

Select Lazy.* From Shit_Happens

Shit happens… usually to Windows. Today's little MS SQL exploit - for which a patch was issued last July - just goes to show how amazingly incompetent and/or lazy the average Windows sysadmin can be. Please, show some respect for yourself, your job, your role in life. If your server was vulnerable to this attack, […]

Expensive Computers

Anyone complaining about the cost of a computer these days needs to realize we've come a long way: Released in March 1990, The Mac IIfx was the fastest Mac ever built at the time. It sold for $10,000 - $12,000, depending on configuration. The computer I want always costs about $3,000-$3,500, whether it's a laptop […]

Windows CEMeNT

Windows CeMeNT combines the strength of the three most powerful operating systems in the world into a solid (and I do mean solid) foundation for Wintellian computing in the 24th century. Oh wait, I mean the 21st. Or is it still the 20th? Anyway, this one was a little too good to pass up. At […]

Mailing Lists? How Antiquated

I subscribe to a mailing list which is supposed to stay on one topic: Mac OS X. On this list, as on almost any mailing list, there are people whose opinions and thoughts simply don't matter to me and threads that run amok and stray off-topic. Much like this Nick Denton article, the comments on […]

History of Spam

A group of Vikings in the corner start a song: "Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam! Wonderful spam!" If you're curious as to why it's called "spam" then check out that link. Yes, it has to do with Monty Python. Yes, the term has been around for quite a long time. […]

$30 Wasted

Not more than about a week after I post about some Safari theme changer that should have been freeware (and now is) that cost $10 comes another example, this time setting you back $30! I don't even want to link to the damn thing, so I'll make the link as tiny as possible. Guess what? […]

Switcher Mitnick

This article at talks about "cybercriminal" Kevin Mitnick and his recent journey back onto the Internet. It also contains this gem: Mitnick hopes to replace the laptops with a 17-inch Apple PowerBook. While he continues to play with computers and technology, he stressed that misusing them is something he will never do again. Wouldn't […]

Lazy DNS

By the way, I absolutely despise Web servers that don't respond to, only choosing to dish their content when you type "www." in front. And lest you think this is a problem seen only on the little guys, I dare you to click

The Cost of Free Software

Steven, of Panic fame, has taken a stick and scratched out an article titled "Free" into shifting sands of the Web, and I'd like to respond before it washes away. His post (article? I'm still not sure what to really call these things) talks about the "hidden cost" of Apple's free iApps. After all, "The […]

On Email Signatures

Chuq posts an interesting "look-back-but-walk-forward" type of post here in regards to the "rule" that signatures should be no longer than four lines long: I personally stopped paying attention to the 4 line limit over a decade ago, because I felt it was no longer relevant. I still think people need to be thoughtful about […]