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Eliza Vs. Eliza, Gabe vs. Eliza

Copied from an old blog I used to have on Blogger (one I largely ignored) comes this conversation that Aaron and I set up between two Eliza clients (that I wrote). It's quite amusing.

Crufty UI Rebuffed (Again)

Like my Crufty UI rebuttal, offers a nice rebuttal at this location. My mom understands save and open. My mom also understands how to use iCal and iPhoto (which don't really have "Save" and "Open" in the traditional sense… but then again they're not document-based either). Anyway, I give up, and I'm still bummed […]

Bug Bounty Ballyhoo

From this article on comes this quote: Personally I don't know why Microsoft doesn't just offer a bounty for bugs. Say $10,000 for each one found, on the condition that Microsoft be notified with a week's warning. Even if 1000 bugs are found, that's only $10 million, which is spare change given what Microsoft […]

NeverQuark Nights

Quark and NeverWinter Nights (for the Mac and Linux) made Wired's "Top 10 Vaporware of 2002" list. My personal list includes the Mac version of Unreal that shipped for Windows and Linux a few months ago as well as real online gaming for my GameCube. Maybe next year…

Chimera Bugs and Site Mods

I totally changed some things about this site today. I sat, frustrated, for about five hours after the design was done due to some weird ass bug in Chimera (and, as it turns out, Mozilla itself). The bug is simple: view my December 2002 archives and look at the black 1-pixel border that should go […]

Microsoft Longs for Longhorn

Two articles, this one and this one talk about Microsoft's Longhorn. Apparently (go figure) it's run into some problems. The second article mentions the fact that thousands of engineers are working on Longhorn. Thousands. I guess each is responsible for writing their own major bug, with incentives going to those who take the time to […]

Chuq on Spam Blacklists

Chuq has a little post that fairly vividly describes the place in which any responsible 'net user should regard spam blacklists: as unethical, amoral, and perhaps illegal acts. I've written on spam a few times in the past: Shein on Spam: Stupidity Spam: It's Not Just For Dinner Anymore "Unsolicited" is Right Spam needs to […]

Return To Shell

This Slashdot article talks about a job opening in Microsoft's "Next Generation Shell Team." They are "designing and developing a new command line scripting environment from the ground up." Joel Spolsky has written about how stupid it is to rewrite things "from the ground up," and Microsoft, having finally escaped the horror that is DOS […]

Independent Games

An interesting article at O'Reilly's ONLamp talks about independent game developers. The event, sponsored by Eugene, OR resident Garage Games, was thrown together this year but should (could?) grow into a yearly event. One of the parts talked about the Mac platform as "undertapped." I haven't really got thoughts one way or the other. We've […]

Deleting Code… Sometimes

Ned Batchelder has an interesting little ditty on deleting code in programming environments. His advice: Select a section of code in your editor, hit the backspace key, and be done with it. While this may seem like a great, simple way to handle things, in practice it isn't always the best. Ned says you can […]

Overlooking Ugly Sites

In this day and age, I find it increasingly important to have Web site presence that's "presentable" at worst. Witness the site, a pretty "plain" (if you wish to be polite) site. I'd followed a link from to check out NetTunes, and pretty much left after seeing the home page. Just as […]

Cloning XP

Who the hell would want to clone the XP interface? Apparently a few people want to do so. is set up just to do that, in fact. The funny thing is, at this time, KDE and Mac OS X are both beating XP in their "Which desktop environment do you think is the best?" […]

Better !Pout

From a 1998 rec.humor.funny post: better !pout !cry better watchout lpr why santa claus town cat /etc/passwd > list ncheck list ncheck list cat list | grep naughty > nogiftlist cat list | grep nice > giftlist santa claus town who | grep sleeping who | grep awake who | grep bad || good for […]

Open Source Everything!

In response to my previous post on open sourcing software, I decided to come up with a list of similar things to including the source code with all software. If software was required to ship with the source code, then: All novels should ship with every note and draft the author took during the writing […]

Shein on Spam: Stupidity

Here is an interesting article. Not interesting because it's so right, but quite the opposite: interesting because the main subject, Barry Shein, is such an incredibly poor example of someone "fighting spam the right way" that the article is tainted beyond the point of recovery by his, i dunno, "crap."