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Interviewing Programmers

A few years ago I interviewed with Microsoft and was asked to generate code on the spot - on paper - to solve some problems. It had been a few years since my last C++ class, and I was deeper into Objective-C at that point, so I found it a frustrating activity. I didn't have […]

Bochs: XP on your Mac

From the "Who needs Virtual PC anyway?" department comes the surprising (to me, anyway) news that Bochs is up and running on Mac OS X. Find out more at Open OS X. Thanks to Mac OS X's advanced architecture, multiple G4 CPUs can be utilized and are emulated as a single powerful Pentium(R) processor or […]

Linux and IT Staff

I expected my comments on a recent article to kick off a little flame war (typical of OSNews, Slashdot, etc.) but so far, after about 15 comments, it seems one of the better (keep in mind this is relative) discussions so far. The article was about Linux on the desktop, IT departments, and so […]

Speech Synthesis

Don't expect quality this good on your home computer anytime soon: Natural Voices @ AT&T. The text I chose to have it speak first was: This is a test. I am going to type some text and you, the computer, will read it back to me. Have a go at it. Amaze your friends and […]

Point and Clique

Funniest line from this tale of threedegrees is easily this: It's the fault of the children, you see. In case you've missed all the fanfare, ThreeDegrees is Microsoft's new chat/P2P/music app that came about through the revolutionary process of asking the teenagers at which it's aimed to help design it. The app lets users organise […]

Fighting Spam, AOL Style

Seems AOL's "Report a Spam" feature has failed horribly at doing even the simplest of things: Knowing that you forward my email address right back to the spammer (as proven in the case with plaidworks) makes it easy for the spammers to verify that my email address is real. Of all the stupid things that […]

Happy 48th

Happy 48th Stevie J! Yes, folks, Steve Jobs' birthday is February 24, uhhh (mental math), 2003-48, take away the 1… 1955. Actually I just wanted to make the post longer than a few words. I think it'd be cool to compile a list of all famous tech people's birthdays.

This is a Good Ad?

This is a good ad? So much for reliability. But hey, it's good to know that at least Microsoft can help you with all of these problems (the ad concludes with the "we can help" message). P.S. Robert Scoble, pay attention. Even MS knows they have problems. The horror! The pain!

Shareware Dead? A Bit Late, Slava

Slava Karpenko, admired h4x0r for various Unsanity plugins and MacAssed, errr, MacAST, is a bit late in proclaiming shareware dead. Clue to Slava: shareware died when the Internet became popular. As many MacAddict discs as are dumped on the world per month, the truth remains that the way "shareware" was "shared" - giving your friend […]

Microsoft Buys Connectix?

Not quite, but just about: they bought VirtualPC from Connectix, or so sez CRN in this article (various other articles around the Web are linking to various articles). Sez Dan Crevier of the Mac BU: The Mac VPC team will be joining MacBU. The development team will be reporting to me. Don't worry, it's not […]

iPhoto for Windows

From the "Gee, this can't be legal" files comes: Find out more here. I've sent an email to (update: it bounced back).

In-Flight Broadband

I read an article about Boeing rolling out its 802.11b Internet access in airlines (in Britain for now, I guess), and I wondered if 9/11 would have happened - or if it would have been as bad - had everyone on that plane had access to the Internet - to friends on instant messaging clients, […]


Not something I plan to talk about a whole lot, the Blogger/Google thing, because this quote may just sum it up entirely: Google lives or dies on fresh links - and processing the million or so weblogs will give them an awful lot of fresh links a day. No matter where you host your Blogger […]

Out of the blue this evening we learn that Google has bought Blogger. What the hell they're going to do with it is beyond me, but this could be a pretty interesting step towards legitimizing blogging in the minds of many. I wonder if Evan is now a rich man…

Dude, You’re Getting a Cell!

Benjamin Curtis, "the Dell Dude," has been busted for possession of the Mary Jane. For carrying the fuzzy leaf. For transporting the heavenly hemp. Can you tell how little I know about marijuana? Ellen Feiss was just on Benedryl. This guy, well… I guess he needed to be tripping to actually convince himself that a […]