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It's long pissed me off, but I've never had the time to write about it. I don't so much have the time now, but the "pissiness" has reached critical mass, so to speak. Safari's table-copying sucks. Here, go ahead, try it out: Pos Player Today Thru Total 1 DiMarco -1 6 -5 T2 Donald -5 […]

iCal’s Stupid Alarms

I have an iCal alarm for "Pay Rent" on the last day of every month. My April notice (March 31) just came up. I'm about to go to bed (to read, actually) as it's midnight now. Where the heck is the option "Remind me later…" or "Remind me in 12 hours" or "Remind me in […]

Adium’s “Away” Messaging

Adium can queue messages for people who aren't online. In other words, if I want to tell Bob "yo, Bob, don't forget about next Tuesday" and Bob isn't on AIM, I can still send him a message. Adium queues it up, and when Bob next signs on, the message is immediately sent to him. Adium […]

Torrential Tiger Lawsuit Over

See? Apple has settled its lawsuit with one of three men it sued for distributing beta versions of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. "While Apple will always protect its innovations, it is not our desire to send students to jail," said Apple spokesman Steve Dowling. "We are pleased that Mr. Steigerwald has taken responsibility for […]

Janie Porche Sings and Blogs

She sings, too! And has a blog. And vacations somewhere warm and sunny. So, uhh, there you have it! Conclusive proof that… okay, so I'm bored. But there you go.

Stuck CDs in your Mac

You'd be amazed how frequently people got CDs stuck in their computer, and as ForeverGeek suggests, eject cd in open firmware is the easiest way to get a disc out of your Mac. Never, ever did I as a Mac Genius have to use drutil tray eject or use a paper clip. The mouse trick […]


I'm interested in taking photos, as you may have noticed, but one of the work-related purposes is to stitch together panoramas. In the past, I've manually stitched together panoramas in Photoshop. However, I'm looking for software that makes this a little bit easier. If it can create QuickTime VR movies, all the better, but it's […]

Address Book Printing Bug

I printed something from Address Book just now and noticed something peculiar. The button called "Advanced Settings" appears on the Advanced Settings and takes you to the Standard Settings. The Standard Settings display has a button called "Standard Settings" that takes you to the Advanced Settings. Silly developers. Bug filed.

Apple Store Celebs

This article in Wired reminded me of the many celebrities I met while working in a few Apple stores in south Florida. Shaquille O'Neal wandered around the mall quite a few times. Of course, he's now a member of the Miami Heat, but he was still a Laker for many of his jaunts around the […]

10.3.8 Revs my Fans

Brad mentioned to me that his later-model G5 (I have the dual 2.0 GHz, he has the next model afterwards) continues to have fan revving problems, and that he was going to get 10.3.8 immediately because he heard it helped to solve the problems. I have 10.3.8, and my G5 has never revved up the […]

Feeder: Create RSS

I maintain a hand-written RSS feed at Freshly Squeezed Software. Now, it seems I may not have to. An application called Feeder will write RSS for you. I'll have to check it out later…

Another Pages Annoyance: Backups

If your main Document is called "Yentel Proposal," Pages should name the backup document "Yentel Proposal Backup," not "Backup of Yentel Proposal." It's far more difficult than need to to find the corresponding backup document.

Pages “Missing Font” Error

Thank you, Pages, for telling me that "NewBaskerville" is missing from my document, even though it's specified in some style or another. No thank you for providing me absolutely no way of knowing what style contains NewBaskerville. Grrrr… P.S. The XML doesn't even have line breaks, making tracking down the style with the missing font […]

Still Use Internet Explorer

As much as I despise Internet Explorer, I use it daily because crashes Safari just about every time you visit. I've submitted countless bug reports. Maybe, later today, I'll visit 10 times in a row and submit each crash report. IE loads faster than any other browser (maybe besides iCab). Ancient poo for everything […]

Cursing the Pages Cursor

Pages needs to not put the damn cursor in a new spot when I click on a document window from another application. Just leave it where it is, dammit. In the past five minutes, I've begun typing in the wrong place about ten times because I'm switching between Interface Builder and Pages. I realize I […]