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Lisa to Mac OS X

Have a look at this: Where'd that come from? Early sketches of Mac OS X? NeXT? Try the Lisa. There's more Lisa information here.

iTunes Remote via SSH

I'm about to go into my living room to read a book (see previous post), but I wanted to continue to play my iTunes songs and control them. Then it dawned on me: I've got a lot of shell scripts to do this for me! Tucked away in ~/Documents/Stuff/MiscShellScripts (which I've added to my path) […]

Steven of Panic is pointing out that there are now three different kinds of metal window widgets. Hell, I'm still irked that my Sunken Metal Widgets Bug remains in place in 10.2.5. OS updates are supposed to fix bugs, not introduce new ones. Apple surely knows about these things, and it's silly that they're not […]

Deatherage a Doozy?

It seems Matt Deatherage's May1 article, the one following his error-laden April article, has also caused some debate, this time with Watson developer Dan Wood. I personally think Dan's constant whining2 is unfounded - Sherlock 3 prototypes and code were written well before he began work on Watson - but his points in this article […]

OmniWeb 4.5

OmniWeb 4.5 sp1 (sneaky-peek 1) is available to people with a valid OmniWeb 4.0 key. Yay! That includes me. I downloaded it, gave it a try, changed the default font size to 16pt to mimick PC browsers (which actually uses 14pt currently). Sites looked nearly identical in both, and I was pleased. I'll stay up […]

My Tablet Desires

I've got a 12" PowerBook. I've also got a full-powered desktop with a 23" Cinema HD. Sometimes I just wish I could use the PowerBook to "see" the tower. I've tried VNC and it didn't work very well. Apple Remote Desktop is overkill. I just want to view my tower's display, so i can see […]

In the April, 2003 issue of Macworld, Matt Deatherage uses his brand new "The Big Picture" column to talk about Apple's open format movement. Deatherage talks about Keynote's XML format, the sharing that occurs between iPhoto/iTunes/iDVD/iMovie, and so on. Deatherage begins with: Any Keynote-compatible programs that spring up will only enhance the value of Keynote […]

BT (Brian Transeau)

I was just now entering some new DVDs and I noticed that "BT" did the music on The Fast and the Furious. BT, or Brian Transeau, has of course been in the last few Apple PowerBook ads. Interesting. Probably not necessarily my kind of music, but maybe I'll check it out later.

Apple today announced the "Pro" series of software: Final Cut Pro 4, DVD Studio Pro 2, Shake 3, and Logic Platinum 6. I've already placed my order for FCP 4 upgrade (from FCP 3 Student). The sales person assured me that this was possible. If this turns out not to be true, well, I'll just […]

Happy 27th, Apple

<voice type="historical">On this day in history…</voice> Apple Computer, Inc. was founded on this day in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Look for our upcoming feature "Where are They Now?: The Founders of Apple" to air next Tuesday, with never-before-seen footage of that mysterious third guy, Ron Wayne. So, Happy Birthday.


Back in Mac OS 8 and 9 I used something called PopupCD to control my CD player. Back before the days of widespread MP3 use, when the only audio you typically heard on your Mac was from an audio CD, a movie, or a system beep, PopupCD was a godsend. Who wanted to use Apple […]


Someone today emailed me (I'll keep his name and MUG out of this) to ask to distribute Recent Tunes, some Freshly Squeezed Software freeware, to his MUG. I granted the approval, but took issue with part of his email: We compress the programs as self-extracting archives (sea) in order to save space and reduce the […]

Metal Everywhere? Ugh.

OSNews reports on (and gets feedback on) the widely reported possibility of all of Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) being metal. Matt and I have railed about the Mac UI Consistency for quite a number of entries (currently that search nets you three of the better results, and will be four soon with the addition […]

WWDC Date Change

WTF? WWDC is now June 23-27 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco? WTF? It's official. WWDC 2003 includes the next major release of Mac OS X, codenamed "Panther." I guess I won't be going this year. Bummer.


When I wrote about TypeIt4Me the other day I didn't realize I'd not yet written about LaunchBar except in passing, so here's a post dedicated to LaunchBar. This Tidbits review summarizes what I could say quite nicely, and TypeIt4Me and LaunchBar form such a killer duo that I couldn't imagine life without them. In fact, […]