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Okay, so I don't completely suck at pool. I played reasonably well today and nearly broke and ran a rack of nine balls, which is quite an accomplishment considering I sometimes have trouble making a single ball. I changed my stance a little to a more open position and that has eliminated a lot of […]

For my own sake… Outer rail dimensions: 61" x 111" Outside of leg dimensions: 49" x 98" Incidentally, if you visit Olhausen's site and build your own table, you can enter the Table ID "01C-401-4D001-000-13U" to see the table I chose. The cloth is going to be Simonis 860 in approximately the same color. Otherwise, […]

Suck at Pool

I suck at pool. I played a game of "golf" today and didn't break 100. Billiards Golf, that is. I'm taking a class by Tom Simpson, a Master BCA (Billiards Congress of America) instructor. Unlike with golf, I don't plan to teach myself pool - I'd like to get good quickly, not via trial and […]

Black Dry-Erase Boards

I went looking (just to Staples) for black dry-erase boards. I swear they exist… you use fluorescent dry-erase markers on them. I found one at and another at, but the prices seem a bit extreme. 18" x 24" is probably all I need, but are they really $45.99? Or $77.99 for a 24" […]

Yet Another Game Room Audio Idea

My latest game room audio idea: build a small box into the wall with a glass front. Put a Mac Mini inside and run speaker wire behind the wall to two speakers. Mount an LCD display of some kind above the Mac Mini should anyone want to watch a DVD or the iTunes visuals. Total […]

Pool Room Flip and Decorations

Turns out these drawings may be for naught: the room may only be about 18' to 19' wide. 18' leaves literally no room for a stroke on a cue ball against the head or foot rail and 19' leaves only six inches (100" playing surface, 58" standard cue). That re-revised image is after the jump. […]

Randy Cross is a Moron

The Steelers were 2-for-2 (1 TD, 1 FG) in the red zone, and prior to that, had converted 7 of 8 red zone trips to touchdowns. On the season, they're 57 of 58 (now 58 of 59) in converting trips to the red zone to scoring. What will it take for Randy "14 IQ Points" […]

If Kansas City and the Steelers both win out, Kansas City holds the tiebreaker and would get the #6 spot. The first five will go to Indy, Denver, Cincinnati, New England, and Jacksonville, probably in that order. More here.

First Bid Received

Last night, Carey and I received the first bid on the pool room (layout). I'm going to briefly discuss it here so I can document my thoughts. I've haven't adjusted the bid price as I don't imagine any of the other contractors who have yet to put in their bids will see this entry. I […]

Revised Pool Room Layout

I've created in OmniGraffle a mockup of the pool room. I've rounded things to the nearest foot, but otherwise the diagram should be reasonably accurate. I used OmniGraffle's gridding system and doubled the number of feet and divided by the grid size (8) to get a scale of 1 foot = 2/8 inch or 1 […]

Buy Two Get One Free iTunes

Hey look, you can buy $20 and get 10 free iTunes (or buy $50 and get 25 free). It's not quite "buy two get one free" but it works out to that for $20 and $50 purchases. And you can always send a gift certificate to yourself (I sent one to Carey - we buy […]

Kong! Kong!

Gee, someone really liked King Kong.

Bill Cowher’s Shadow

Yet another article at points out why Bill Cowher should get his ass out of Pittsburgh: Bill Cowher's major positive impact on any team has been his motivating factor. But from the looks of the Monday Night Massacre at the hands of Indy and now getting stomped on at our home field from the […]

In the game room, I'd like to have an audio system of some sort. Ideally, I imagine four speakers in the corners of the (roughly square) room should suffice, as I plan to have nothing but AM/FM, CD, and iTunes (via an AirPort Express) playing through the speakers. Unfortunately, most boom boxes seem to come […]

Steelers Out of Playoffs

And so ends the Steelers chances of making the playoffs today. Nice defense. Nice coaching. A few bad throws by Ben, but overall I have a hard time flagging him for playing poorly.