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Fire Bill Cowher .com

An article at mentions "" I was friends with some FL Gators fans while I lived in FL, and I can attest to their distaste for Ron Zook. My own distaste for Bill Cowher is an equal match, but the article linked above provides a nifty way of looking at it: So if we […]

Shotmaking in Billiards

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I really like golf. I've also always liked pool but have really never had the time or opportunity to play it as much: it's not a high school sport, you pay every time you go typically (unlike a $330 junior membership at a country club), and you […]

The Colts Cheat?

Given the fact that Ed Werder also agrees, and that the Colts could offer no comment to explain the existence of the microphones, I rate it as highly possible that the Indianapolis Colts cheat by artificially enhancing crowd noise. For the record, the Steelers still would have had their asses kicked, but come playoff time […]

Blockbuster vs. Netflix

A friend of mine was using Netflix but has switched to Blockbuster's rental service. For those who have tried both, which do you like and why? I don't see much difference at face value: both are $17.99 for 3-at-a-time rentals.

The Game Room Project

Tomorrow, Carey and I are going to do something we should have done awhile back: get set up with the Millcreek teacher's credit union. We'll have her checks direct deposited in there and essentially attempt to pretend that we're a single-income family (mine). Then, if we build the game room, we'll have a credit union […]

Steelers -13, Colts 20something

Die, Bill Cowher, die. Take the majority of the rest of the coaching staff with you.

Mario KartFest 2K5 vs. Steelers

I'm not sure why I ever thought that I could participate in Mario Kartfest 2K5 - the Steelers play Monday Night Football tonight. Duh! Sorry. I'll catch the next one, though.

Billiards/Pool on the Internet

Carey and I are (eventually) considering adding a game room over our garage. The house was built to do just this. When I get an idea in my head, I tend to run with it. I obsess a little bit and do a lot of research, typically online. I prefer forums because I can ask […]

Pirates in Need of Makeover

And Mark Cuban is the answer? So they say: Colorful Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban grew up a Pirates fan; so he has served notice: If owner Kevin McClatchy ever puts the team up for sale, he wants to bid on it.And Pirates fans are pulling for him. This ball club hasn't posted a winning […]

The Steelers @ Indy

We'll see about this: Smith, Starks, and Farrior all should be back for Monday night's donnybrook. And finally a healthy backfield of Willie, Jerome, Duce, and Verron will be backing up Big Ben. Look for the Steelers to shockingly dominate and pistol-whip Peyton in a 34-20 laugher. I think Peyton is over-rated, but I think […]

Is it just me, or are the Weavers on the Amazing Race some of the most obnoxious, annoying, and ignorant people you've ever seen on reality TV? They constantly make fun of other teams, then wonder aloud why they're unliked, which then prompts them to make fun of the other teams again. They are supposedly […]

Mario Kartfest 2K5

Mario Kart for Apple Geeks Invitational, Monday, November 28, 9:30pm EST. I'll try to be there, I guess. I hereby christen the event "Mario Kartfest 2K5." If we manage to squeeze another one in, why, it'll be 2K5.1. 🙂

Hey look, they crash like crazy! Go figure!

Kevin McClatchy the Turkey

Couldn't have said it better myself: The Pirates owner has been the biggest whiner about baseball's economic system - and the biggest culprit in terms of taking advantage of it to the disadvantage of Pittsburgh's fans. Thanks to the city-financed PNC Park, the Pirates have increased in value from the $90 million McClatchy paid for […]

TiVo ToGo but Not for Me

Look, TiVo ToGo is going to offer "TiVo-to-iPod" conversion from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4. It's too bad that my DirecTiVo: has disabled USB ports, meaning I can't network it or connect it to a computer. doesn't really work with Macs can't handle HDTV, not that DirecTV is all that great for HDTV anyway. I suppose I […]