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Now you can generate RSS feeds for both Google News and Amazon. Just plug 'em in to PulpFiction and away you go. PulpFiction 1.2 will be available in early January 2005 (we may release interstitial versions to those who ask politely in mid December). It will add several new features, including initial support for enclosures […]

Consider a Cocoa application I'll call "EggLoop." EggLoop sounds an NSBeep(); every x seconds, where x is set by the user in the application with a slider (from 1 to 999). This is easily done with a repeating NSTimer. Every x seconds, the NSTimer signals a "beep now" method and resets itself. Imagine that the […]

Golf statistics software, frankly, sucks. The best I've seen so far is actually an online piece of software. The best desktop software I've seen hasn't been updated in over two years. That all having been said, I'm curious to know whether someone would be interested in working with me on a Cocoa (thus Mac OS […]

MailDrop 2 Icon Winner

The MailDrop 2 Icon contest is over, and we have a winner: Makalu Media art director Mike Rohde. The toolbar icons in MailDrop 2 were done by mini-Buzz (aka Bobby). MailDrop 2 will be available just as soon as we get it done, which will hopefully be just before December rolls around. That way everyone […]

Apps for Sale

We (FSS) are looking to sell three applications. If you're interested in purchasing the source to iWipe, Booklet, or Rock Star - contact me privately. AIM is the best way (iacas). Here's a nice review of Rock Star.

Several of our customers have asked us for place to put bookmarklets within PulpFiction. Bookmarklets are just chunks of JavaScript, and we've already got a place in which javascripts can run: the bottom pane where you read articles! In response to these custoers, I've added support to PulpFiction's default template and posted it in […]

The Hacks We Write

Sometimes we write stand-in code: code that does basically the same thing as what we want, but in a cheap, easy fashion. Have a look at this example from MailDrop 2. Instead of putting up a dialog box we'd have to create in Interface Builder, wire up, properly handle and dispose of, etc., we took […]


Cabel's gotten a lot of virtual ink over The True Story of Audion, and it reminded me of the stories behind some of our software, in particular the names behind our applications. FTPeel, PulpFiction, iChem, Rock Star, and iWipe all have their original names. We never seriously consider anything but the above. FTPeel fit far […]

MailDrop Icon Contest

The MailDrop 2 Icon Contest is still going on but ends in just one week. So far we've received a few submissions, but there is still plenty of room - and plenty of opportunity. Let me reiterate our top two ideas. The first is far more difficult but, if pulled off, far cooler. The second […]

Get 'em while they're hot here. Though another feed aggregator or two are listed, you will naturally want to subscribe to these feeds in PulpFiction. It's fun that mailing lists are now available as RSS feeds, and PulpFiction aims to make your RSS feeds more like a mailing list. 😀 P.S. It sure would be […]

Gideon Icon Theft

And with this, Gideon softworks goes on my shit list. Why's that? Well, they've pretty much ripped off Transmit (an FTP client like our own FTPeel), not only in application layout, functionality, and design, but in their toolbar icons as well! Gideon softworks' front page includes the line "For with God nothing shall be impossible" […]

Want to do an icon? We're looking for an icon for MailDrop 2.0, which should be available in public beta tomorrow. We've been through some ups and downs with our icon designer (no comments nor questions about this), and we're simply going to have a contest instead. The rules are simple. Design one application icon […]

Tell Us, Not Them

This is a tad lame: We're eagerly awaiting these developers to follow the leading example of ecto that already supports TextMate in their beta version. So if you're impatient, do write the developers of your favorite FTP program and ask them for TextMate support. We'll be cheering for you. The authors of TextMate, while writing […]

FSS Theme Updated

Dan has updated the FSS Theme he submitted back in October. The file has been uploaded to the Resources page (under "Themes") but, as of this writing, the updated snapshot has not. Two big changes include: The thin black outline surrounding the content will change color to match the label that has been applied to […]

Obj-C String Concat

Chris is looking for a better way to concatenate strings in Objective-C than the fairly cumbersome stringByAppendingString:. PHP uses the . (dot) operator. Of course, there's also [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@", someObj];. We've used that a few times in some of our apps.