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Scorecard 2.2 is now available for download from Cynical Peak's website for both Mac and Windows! Scorecard 2.2 adds the ability to export your statistics to HTML: the index page will now automatically show a "Stats" tab with your current stats using all rounds played after your master marker date. It fixes a few little […]

Rivet 2.2.1 is out. It adds a option to turn off generating thumbnails and also fixes an issue with the thumbnail caching. Grab it - it's a free update. As we all know, too, Snow Leopard comes out in a few days. I'm happy to report that all Cynical Peak software, like Rivet and Scorecard […]

Question for the Rails developers out there… Suppose you have a video file (a .mov or .mp4 or .m4v or whatever) and you're going to use JWPlayer or another flash-based application to "play" the video on a user's browser, but you want to obfuscate and hide the actual location of the video so that the […]

{democracy:57} Personally, I tend to hate registering in a forum just to ask a question, but I like forums because I can find the answer for myself most of the time. Email works well if a user can be descriptive (so when I use email, I try to be descriptive). Phone support is never offered, […]

Cyndicate, our desktop application for aggregating and reading RSS and Atom feeds, is now $19.95. - click the "stats" tab. It's not an earth-shattering feature, but publishing the stats along with the rounds is new, and it should help people coordinate with their instructors, compare themselves to their buddies, etc.

Scorecard 2.1 is now available for download from Cynical Peak's website for both Mac and Windows! Scorecard 2.1 changes the way nine-hole rounds are matched for stats to provide a more accurate picture of your abilities. In Scorecard 2.0, 9-hole rounds were paired to form an 18-hole round for all stat calculations with the restriction […]

Rivet 2.2 is now available. Some big things in this update: Added video thumbnails display (Xbox and PS3). Added music album art display (PS3 only). Added support for iPhoto Events. Added metadata support for the date and duration of movies. Improved loading speed of photo thumbnails. Improved parsing speed of media and libraries. Fixed display […]

Scorecard 2.0 for the iPhone is finally available. The approval process for iPhone apps seems to have been delayed - badly - due to WWDC, so we're glad it's finally approved. After all, we shipped the desktop app some time ago. Don't believe the reviews, either (currently 2 of 5 stars). The app works beautifully, […]

We're pretty pleased with this Rivet review at

Scorecard 2.0 is now available from Cynical Peak at Scorecard 2.0 is a free upgrade for anyone who purchased the software in 2009 and costs $14.95 for all licensed 1.x users. Such users should use the in-application functionality to upgrade. This version adds the four most widely requested user features: complete nine-hole support, graphing, […]

Originally, Scorecard 2.0 was scheduled to be released on Tuesday. But Rivet 2.1's release pushed that back and gave us a bit more time. Then it was scheduled for today. But the Windows version is having a little trouble with the in-app upgrade process. You see, we're handling upgrading within the application. We use the […]

Rivet 2.1

Rivet 2.1 is now available. New in this release: Added Italian localization. Thanks to Andrea Boz. Added Spanish localization. Thanks to Juan Manuel Serón Luna. Cleaned up the French localization. Added an alias loop check for the folder parsing. Removed the ability to add / as a shared folder. Added a start-up check for / […]

We're putting the finishing touches on Scorecard 2.0, and expect to release the application in a week. We're currently looking at handling the upgrade process in-app: both for the half-price upgrades as well as the free upgrades for those who purchased Scorecard 1.0 in 2009. Over the next few days I'm going to edit/revise the […]

By the way, the official announcement is here, in case you were wondering about the previous post. The highlights: Nine hole round support - this has been our most requested feature since 1.0 shipped. Graphing of almost all starts - the graphing system allows you to graph and compare up to three stats at once. […]