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Cyndicate Style

I had ten minutes to kill so I put together a Cyndicate style that resembles the look of The Sand Trap. You can download it here. Work on Cyndicate 2.0 continues. We've shipped a few alphas that speed things up and remove some memory leaks.

Yeah, yeah, so I wasn't exactly forthcoming in my previous post, but that's the point: I was trying to hint at something, not come right out and tell everyone. Rivet - Cynical Peak's software for streaming movies, music, and photos from your Mac to your Xbox 360 and/or PS3 - has been sold and transferred […]


Where dey go? 🙂 The last release is now something like 15 or 16 months old? I know that WO's demise was somewhat expected, but surely some people are sad and/or pissed off about it, right?

… 2010? If you're like a lot of families on Christmas day, you picked up a new Xbox 360 or PS3. And yeah, I know you'll play it a lot more than you've led your wife to believe. But did you also know you can stream movies, music, and photos to your Xbox 360 or […]

Work has begun on Cyndicate 2.0. New features already in place include: New article fetch system is in place. Much faster, and now processing of feeds is offloaded to an NSOperation to take advantage of Grand Central Dispatch, so new feeds will queue up for fetching while already fetched feeds are in the processing queue. […]

Cyndicate, the best feed reader out there <grin>, has been updated to version 1.3. This free update: Fixed a crash that can occur when rating an article. Added alias support to the database and license files. Fixed setting Twitter username and password when it hadn't previously been set. Fixed an issue with enclosures not being […]

Rivet 2.3 Now Available

Rivet 2.3, Cynical Peak's software for sharing your movies, music, and photos with your Xbox 360, PS3, and now select XLNA devices, is now available. This is a free upgrade for existing customers and it fixes or improves on a lot of things: Added using a file's thumbnail for custom images. See release blog post […]

I like this comment from Lars the best: The public API you are referring to is a Mac OS X API. You assert that it is alright to transfer the image provided by that API to another device and display it there. This may or may not be the case but in my opinion, you […]

If you've heard about the one finger discount, you'll be pleased to know that Cynical Peak is honoring the coupon code. But you didn't hear it from me, mmmkay?

If you are a Flash developer looking for a project, please get in touch with me. If you know a Flash developer looking for a project, please get in touch with me. 🙂 Thanks.

They're everywhere, I know. I wrote about some earlier ones here and today I discovered a new case in Preview. Dragging a proxy icon to the trash did nothing. But opening the trash and dragging the proxy icon to the trash can's window properly moved the file to the trash. Perhaps now that things like […]

Here's what I need to be able to do: Play video via Flash, including support for slow-speed and frame-by-frame playback. Position a second layer of Flash above the movie along with some basic drawing tools. Save the drawings (lines, circles, etc.) to the proper spots in the video in such a way that the drawing […]

Can those of you with copies of Cyndicate try this please and report back? These are the commands you'll enter in the Terminal (with Cyndicate not running). If you're uncomfortable in the Terminal, skip this post entirely. First, note the size of your "Cyndicate.cyndata" file. % cd Library/Application\ Support/Cyndicate/Cyndicate.cyndata/ % sqlite3 dataStore.sql SQLite version 3.6.12 […]

jhead in Rivet

Rivet uses a free library named jhead to read EXIF information from JPEG files. In its pre-built state, it's a PowerPC-only library, and I was recently reminded of this when I viewed a few hundred pictures on my Xbox 360 and then returned to my Mac to see a few hundred instances of Software Update […]

Rivet 2.2.4 is now available. Originally the plan was to release Rivet 2.2.2, but a few problems necessitated a few more updates. 🙂 This update is free and it fixes the Snow Leopard issue where a thumbnail was not always generated. It also fixes the issue with streaming MP4 video files to the PS3. They […]