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How to Be Polite

How to Be Polite

People silently struggle from all kinds of terrible things. They suffer from depression, ambition, substance abuse, and pretension. They suffer from family tragedy, Ivy-League educations, and self-loathing. They suffer from failing marriages, physical pain, and publishing. The good thing about politeness is that you can treat these people exactly the same. And then wait to see what happens. You don’t have to have an opinion. You don’t need to make a judgment. I know that doesn’t sound like liberation, because we live and work in an opinion-based economy. But it is. Not having an opinion means not having an obligation. And not being obligated is one of the sweetest of life’s riches.

Yeah. That's gonna be tough for me… 😛

Dropbox 10x Bigger

Introducing a more powerful Dropbox Pro

  • New Sharing Controls
  • New safeguards for lost devices
  • 10x more room

Nice. And just in time for iCloud Drive eh?

LaunchBar Keeps Improving

The Sixth Sense

LaunchBar 6.1 adds "Staging."

Which probably just means that I use about 5% of the app's power now…

Humans Need Not Apply


First-person Hyperlapse Videos

Steve Jobs Resigns

Apple - Press Info - Letter from Steve Jobs

Three years ago today.

Josh, Aperture User, Tries Lightroom

Josh: An Aperture User Tries Lightroom.

All in all, I think Lightroom is totally fine, but I find Aperture faster and smoother. Photos v1 will replace iPhoto more than Aperture, but maybe v2 will replace Aperture. I doubt the Nik suite (which works fine with Aperture and Lightroom) will work with Photos unless Google updates it, and that’s a pretty big part of my workflow. I’m also really curious about the library in the cloud component, and if there will be an option to not use that for those of us with terabytes of images. Sigh. Why couldn’t Aperture just continue to be developed until Photos really is ready to replace it?

Swift Blog

What's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Airspeed Velocity

I don't know. But it's a good blog for Swift developers.

RFID in the NFL

NFL players will wear RFID chips this season to track their movements

I think the NHL is doing something like this as well, perhaps in a few years. I don't know if it's by RFID though.

The Adobe Illustrator Story

The Adobe Illustrator Story from Terry Hemphill on Vimeo.

1Password as an iOS Extension

1Password App Extension for iOS from AgileBits on Vimeo.

AgileBits/onepassword-app-extension at GitHub

Making Alcohol Bottle Rockets

Definitely going to have to try this out.

John C. Dvorak is Still Around

And guess what kinds of headlines he's writing.

The Apple iTime Is Destined to Fail

Some things never change.

P.S. I didn't click it. That won't ever change either. 🙂

New MacBook Pros

Apple - Press Info - Apple Updates MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

I'm gonna get one. I'm going to replace my 13" MacBook Air. Probably a 13" MacBook Pro Retina.

Raising Prices of Apps, Selling More

A Candid Look at the Financial Side of Building Mac Apps on Your Own

In 2007, I priced the app at $7. Over time I raised the price to $9, $12, $14, $19, $24, $29, $34, $39, and, now, $49. With each price increase my total sales and revenue have only gone up. And, as an extra bonus, the quality of my customers has increased as well. I never received as many angry emails from customers as I did when the app was priced cheaply. Now that VirtualHostX costs “real money”, I weed out those users who aren’t willing to make a financial commitment to the app and my company.