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iPhone 6 and Watch Miscellany

Details on Apple Pay revealed: 'safer' system, Apple gets 0.15 percent - Takeaway? It's pretty safe. I look forward to using Apple Pay.

AT&T To Get iPhone 6-Friendly WiFi Calling In 2015 - Cool. I get reasonable signal inside already, but I know some people who could use better service in their homes or offices.

The video below is pretty funny. He's wrong about the security part, but the rest is spot on.

xkcd: Watches nails it. So does Alex. And of course Ellen does too:

If you don't like U2, you can hide their album from your iTunes Library.

Last, but not least, I want to read this soon: A Watch Guy's Thoughts On The Apple Watch After Seeing It In The Metal

P.S. I still have zero interest in getting an Apple Watch. None whatsoever.

P.P.S. I'm sad that the iPod Classic is gone. I watched this initial iPod presentation. For some reason I'm too lazy to look up now, I could swear Steve introduced it in Japan or something.

Ordering an iPhone 6

We'll Be BackI first tried reloading the URL a few times throughout yesterday evening. After all, Apple said they'd go on sale at midnight, and midnight occurs east of here at about 7pm.

Unsuccessfully, I stayed up until about 12:20pm, thinking that maybe - just maybe - Apple would start selling things when the east coast of the U.S. hit midnight. I figured there was about a 0.1% chance, but it's not like I go to bed very early anyway.

At 2:36am, my alarm went off.

I walked into my office, and reloaded the page. As expected, "We'll be back." I checked in on Twitter to see who else was awake at that time. I texted a friend to make sure he was awake.

And then we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Apple Perspective Video

I don't like it.

You're selling products, people. You're not really making the world a better place for war-torn countries, starving infants, cancer patients, etc. Let's not get so full of ourselves that we make stupid videos like this.

Seriously, yuck. This is not how Apple got to where they were. This is not "Think Different" all over again. That had a time and a place, and a tone. This one misses the mark.

Margins Matter

Let's talk about margins. Book margins, mind you…

Now's as good a time as any to point out that Lowest Score Wins – Shoot Lower Scores on the Golf Course NOW has one-inch margins set throughout, and is printed on 70# paper with 12pt covers.

Common App Rejections

Common App Rejections - App Store - Apple Developer

I like the "Top 10 reasons for app rejections during the 7‑day period ending August 28, 2014." section.

2% - Guideline 2.9: Apps that are "beta", "demo", "trial", or "test" versions will be rejected


Apple’s Live Stream Failure

Inside Apple’s Live Event Stream Failure, And Why It Happened: It Wasn’t A Capacity Issue

Unlike the last live stream Apple did, this time around Apple decided to add some JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) code to the page which added an interactive element on the bottom showing tweets about the event. As a result, this was causing the page to make refresh calls every few milliseconds. By Apple making the decision to add the JSON code, it made the website un-cachable.

Read the comments on the article above for more depth. Some people don't agree with the theories espoused in the article. For example, one starts off:

I would not give the author any credibility here. He speaks as if he understands dynamic web applications, but fails to understand the difference between JSON, JavaScript and AJAX.


Quick question then. If the problem was with the code on the webpage, how come this happened on every platform? Meaning, even on the Apple TV.


The web stream, after about half an hour, started to work flawlessly. Unless you claim that Apple completely rewrote the web page code in that time, I don't see how your theory could possibly be correct. And as others here have noted, the AppleTV feed also had issues, although the faulty page coding you blame was not part of it.

In other words, the article is junk, but the comments are gold.

P.S. My stream worked after about 30 minutes as well.

Summary of Apple Announcements

iPhone 6: Will buy immediately (wife gets my 5S, child gets her 5). Might even get Space Grey (white). Buying outright, contract-free.

Watch: Would have bought instantly at $99. Would have considered buying it at $199. $349 is probably the best pricing they could offer, so… it would have been impossible to get one on my wrist (unless someone gifts one to me, and I'm not asking…).

Pay: Cool. But here in BFE (Erie is the "E" :-D), I'm not sure I'll get a chance to use it very much.

P.S. When something goes on sale on "Friday," what time zone is that?

One-Handed Mode on iPhone 6?

Laugh It Up, Fuzzball

Brian X. Chen:

To deal with concerns that a bigger phone will make typing with one hand difficult (the current iPhone has a four-inch screen), some changes to the design of the iPhones’ user interface will allow people to type or use apps with just one hand; there will be a one-handed mode that can be switched on and off, two employees said.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, Oh, that can’t be. Samsung tried that and it was ridiculous. Haha, the New York Times got punked.

The thing is, I’m not laughing. You wanted Apple to make a 5.5-inch iPhone? This is what you get.

Johny Ive and Marc Newsom on Charlie Rose

Watch Charlie Rose: Jony Ive & Marc Newson Online | Hulu

Apple’s Media Mastery

Seeing Through the Illusion: Understanding Apple’s Mastery of the Media by 9to5Mac is a long but interesting piece on Apple's mastery of the media.

The Keyboards are Coming…

The keyboards are coming…

I've only recently begun using TextExpander. But, I've been using keyboard expanders for a long, long time now. Heck, my use pre-dates Mac OS X.

So, TextExpander is coming to iOS 8 via a keyboard.

The keyboards are coming…

Find my iPhone Attempt Rates Not Limited

If you saw Jennifer Lawrence naked recently, it may be because of a simple security hole that Apple has since fixed: This could be the iCloud flaw that led to celebrity photos being leaked (Update: Apple is investigating).

Update: never mind.

Update 2: Nik Cubrilovic - New Web Order » Notes on the Celebrity Data Theft


Android Phones Hit by 'Ransomware'

You are guilty of child porn, child abuse, zoophilia or sending out bulk spam. You are a criminal. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has locked you out of your phone and the only way to regain access to all your data is to pay a few hundred dollars.

That message — or variations of it — has popped up on hundreds of thousands of people's Android devices in just the last month. The message claims to be from the F.B.I., or cybersecurity firms, but is in fact the work of Eastern European hackers who are hijacking Android devices with a particularly pernicious form of malware, dubbed "ransomware" because it holds its victims' devices hostage until they pay a ransom.

Things That Will Last on the Internet Are Not Owned

inessential: Waffle on Social Media

I’ve heard blogs classified as a type of social media. Maybe that’s true, and maybe not — I don’t care.

Read the rest, though. It's short, and I almost blockquoted the whole thing, but that just felt wrong.

/me favorites Brent's post

Least Fascinating

The Most Least Fascinating Profile You’ll Ever Read About a Guy and His Boring Startup